Ok guys- we are continuing our Twitter Campaign.
This time our angle is Pop TV and getting them to go to ABC to request permission to air old episodes of AMC and OLTL.
This would achieve several things.
First, it’d show ABC that there is still an interest/demand for the shows.
Second it would get fans connecting with the shows again, reminding people what we are wanting back.
It would also help hook new fans.  All of this helps give validity to the concept of bringing the soaps back into production.
So how do you help?  Respond to this tweet I tweeted stating in your own words that you would watch Pop if they had old/vintage episodes of #AMC and #OLTL on OR that you would petition/request POP from your cable provider if they were airing these shows.  Keep in mind that it’s very important that you use their hashtags when mentioning #AMC and #OLTL so that it comes up in searches and helps get our shows trending on Twitter.

Just click below 🙂

Let’s take a moment and see what results our efforts this week have had thus far and discuss where we go from here and some other news regarding PP and ABC’s legal fight:

First, we hit Nathan Varni hard today replying to his tweets with our pro-AMC/OLTL tweets.  He finally responded to one saying that the shows were not returning at this time.  Now while we’d have loved for him to say that they are going into production tomorrow the fact that he didn’t say they were over, done, cancelled forever, etc is a glimmer of hope.  Nathan Varni is the Manager of Current Series on ABC which includes being the Point Exec on GH.  While he isn’t the decision maker he works with those involved in the decisions.  He’s also very active on Twitter which is good for us.  If he hears from enough people he is bound to share with the decision makers.

The fight for AMC and OLTL is way different than it was several years ago.  So many fans are tired and discouraged so getting masses to send emails is a hard mountain to climb.  And by sending an email ABC can quickly look the other way, sweep it under the rug, and act like it doesn’t exist.  BUT…Twitter is transparent.  When we tweet not only can they see it but so can their followers, co-workers, competitors, fans, etc.  We are going to use this to our advantage.  Tweeting is super fast so it won’t take fans long to get their feelings out there in the world.  Our hope is that other fans will start to see the tweets and jump in to lend their support as well.  We need #AMC and #OLTL trending.  If we respond to tweets that ABC Executives/Official ABC Twitter accounts are posting they will get notifications of the action and when they review it we hope they see a sea of AMC and OLTL tweets.  It’s all about keeping our shows in everyone’s thoughts and proving that there are still a huge number of fans waiting and wanting the shows back.

So why turn up the heat now???  Per the agreement that ABC and Prospect Park entered the rights to AMC and OLTL should be ready to revert pending a decision by the judge in this case.  Let’s talk about the court case for a moment.  While not much is happening there is some news.  First, the next meeting will be happening on May 12th at 11:30 AM ET.  Now for the interesting news- the case has been reassigned to a different department.  This means that the judge presiding over the case will change.  The case is moving to department 61 which is presided over by Judge Gregory Keosian.  We don’t know much about him but he became a judge in the summer of 2002.  He also presided over the Kris Humphries STD lawsuit last June.  We are hoping that things will start to move forward faster with the change but of course have no way of knowing.  Stay tuned- we will keep you in the loop as we get new information.  In the meantime we need YOU to help by tweeting.  If you don’t have Twitter we can help you create an account.  The way we do tweeting will make it super simple.  It won’t do us any good to have the rights revert back if the fans aren’t being vocal and making their presence known.  Who’s with us????

Please reply to the following tweets. Just erase the other twitter handles that aren’t Nathan/ABC/ or Vicki and add your reply.
Replies to include but not limited to: pleading with them to share the fan desire to have them put back on the schedule with the powers that be, how much you love and miss them and want them back, you know love for our shows 🙂
If you need help crafting one let me know 🙂

So the Daytime Emmys are over and NO BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!
Seems that Soaps in Depth ABC knows something about what it was supposed to be
but no word on why it wasn’t made.  Could it be our pleas about AMC and OLTL got to them a bit???
Well let’s go full force!  Tweet and email hopes that this big announcement is coming soon and AMC and OLTL related.

Let’s be thankful in email that they care about the genre enough to air the Emmys and reruns of YR and BB.
Tell them how big a fan you are of AMC and OLTL.  If you get Pop promise to become a regular viewer.
If you don’t get the channel promise to look into switching providers and/or petitioning your provider to add Pop to their lineup.

Come on- this is the biggest opening we’ve had in a long time.  Time to pounce hard!!!

Below are the easy tweets and email addresses and a link to the list of the winners. And if you will,
Please retweet any tweet you see regarding the big announcement! Feel free to create your own
tweets as well, (Informal contest…who can come up with the best tweet regarding this?)

Easy tweets

Email to the following all together,,,,,,,,

Emmy winners list;_ylt=A0LEVvkZsD1V4yEALh0nnIlQ

We know that we haven’t been tasking much in quite a long time and with good reason- there hasn’t been much to do. We value our time and yours and didn’t want to ask you to partake in meaningless tasks. But now we have some tasks that could be quite helpful so we want to see who’s still around. If you can see this message can you please hit the like button? Now please read below, it is a looooong message but we wanted to give you a full picture of everything. We don’t expect everyone to do everything listed below today. We will break apart this message and post parts of it over the next week but if you are one that likes to get a jump on things then go ahead!

Why now? Sadly, next Tuesday marks 4 years since the cancellation announcement of AMC and OLTL were made. While we haven’t contact ABC/D in quite a while we are still here and will definitely make that fact known to them next Tuesday. Right now though there are two other things that we need to have our attention on:

First, the Daytime Emmy’s are right around the corner. This year they were moved from June to Sunday, April 26th at 8:00 PM ET. They moved them since many soaps take a break in June and it is harder to get the cast to come as it is their vacation time. Let’s hope this means we will all see our favorites this year. The show will be hosted by Tyra Banks. After many years of being held at cheesy hotels the show is getting an upgrade- it will be done on the Warner Bros. Studios lot. It will also be televised once again. This time on POP. Do you get that channel? We hope so, if not don’t worry- we have a task for you! This is a big step for soap fans. We are gaining back a television spot and a better location. The pendulum is swinging back in the other direction after us continually losing more and more soap related things.

Step 1: Get the word out- many people don’t know that the Daytime Emmy’s are coming let alone when and where! Please post in ANY soap related group you belong to that hasn’t been advertising the Daytime Emmys. High viewership will help validate the popularity of soaps. (tell them time, date and channel. tell them if they are not sure if they get it to go here and enter their zip code to find out )

Step 2: Let’s encourage POP to stream the show online. Whether you can watch on POP or not and whether you actually watch award shows let’s unite together and help the genre. Please email POP at and request that the show be streamed online as not all fans are able to watch that channel. We must be thankful in our communication because they have done the genre a favor by agreeing to air the show. If you tweet please send the president of POP this easy tweet

Step 3: Actors on Twitter is an awesome way to get the word out. We have created some easy tweets to the actors nominated that were at one point on AMC and OLTL. Take a look at the list- any surprise you? Feel free to tweet out other nominees not listed below too!
Gina Tognoni- OLTL
ANDREA EVANS oltl* no twitter
JACOB YOUNG amc, oltl,
BILLY MILLER, AMC no twitter
Frank Valentini oltl

Second soap related event coming up is the next court meeting for ABC/D and PP. We hope that this will give us an indication on whether or not the case is moving forward or will be stalled indefinitely. We plan to use the results of the Daytime Emmys to encourage ABC/D. General Hospital is the soap with the most nominations and many of the actors nominated once graced the screen on AMC and/or OLTL. Once all the results are known we will crunch the numbers and have that ready for a task to show ABC/D just how good a move it would be to add AMC and OLTL back to the lineup.

So, are you with us? We hope so! If there’s particular types of tasks you like please let us know. And now to know that you made it to the end of this really long message please comment below with your favorite AMC/OLTL character of all time!

Please come back on Tuesday for a soapy walk down memory lane and some contact avenues for you to share your feelings 4 years later.

A while back we told you about Nancy Lee Grahn doing an online show called GH Now,
well it’s finally here.
Be sure to check it out, comment below and make sure to join us here tomorrow for tasking!!

I watched this a few minutes ago and have to say I ❤ it! 30 seconds into the show and I LOL’ed!! You will too I bet

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that this new year will bring you much love, happiness, and success. With a new year it is time for resolutions and ours is to re-examine how to put pressure on ABC as the time table for the rights to revert based on the contract is quickly approaching. Of course the decision on whether rights revert before the end of the lawsuit is at the discretion of the judge. So, let’s encourage ABC/Disney to make getting the rights back their New Year’s Resolution! Let’s send emails to remind them that we are still here and that we hope they are focused on getting the rights back!

BCC THESE:,,,,,,

We also want to hear what your personal New Year’s resolution(s) are! Please share in the comments.

For me, Kymba, my resolution revolves around doing what I can as a mother to help my daughter overcome her medical and financial issues. In case you want more information on that situation you can visit for details.

We are so glad you all are here and can’t wait to make 2015 the Year of the Soaps!

Lately this page has been pretty quiet and there are a couple of reasons why. First, there aren’t a lot of tasks to do at the moment as the shows are still tied up in litigation and the clause in the contract that would revert the rights back to ABC is not quite up yet. As tasks become needed they will be posted. After the holidays we will increase tasks to keep the shows top-of-mind of decision makers as the litigation gets ready to resume mid-January and the rights get ready to be up for reversal pending a judge’s decision.

The other reason this page has been fairly quiet is personal. My daughter has been facing serious medical issues and financial hardship as a result. If you want more specifics please feel free to visit

Thank you for your continued support of this page and efforts to bring AMC and OLTL back. Our inside contacts have assured us that there are still talks going on regarding these shows and that there is indeed interest. We will continue to keep you updated as we learn information.

All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

The day AMC & OLTL air on Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunesApril 29th, 2013
The big day is here. grab your popcorn and saddle up folks the shows are about to start!!

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