A while back we told you about Nancy Lee Grahn doing an online show called GH Now,
well it’s finally here.
Be sure to check it out, comment below and make sure to join us here tomorrow for tasking!!

I watched this a few minutes ago and have to say I <3 it! 30 seconds into the show and I LOL’ed!! You will too I bet

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that this new year will bring you much love, happiness, and success. With a new year it is time for resolutions and ours is to re-examine how to put pressure on ABC as the time table for the rights to revert based on the contract is quickly approaching. Of course the decision on whether rights revert before the end of the lawsuit is at the discretion of the judge. So, let’s encourage ABC/Disney to make getting the rights back their New Year’s Resolution! Let’s send emails to remind them that we are still here and that we hope they are focused on getting the rights back!

BCC THESE:,,,,,,

We also want to hear what your personal New Year’s resolution(s) are! Please share in the comments.

For me, Kymba, my resolution revolves around doing what I can as a mother to help my daughter overcome her medical and financial issues. In case you want more information on that situation you can visit for details.

We are so glad you all are here and can’t wait to make 2015 the Year of the Soaps!

Lately this page has been pretty quiet and there are a couple of reasons why. First, there aren’t a lot of tasks to do at the moment as the shows are still tied up in litigation and the clause in the contract that would revert the rights back to ABC is not quite up yet. As tasks become needed they will be posted. After the holidays we will increase tasks to keep the shows top-of-mind of decision makers as the litigation gets ready to resume mid-January and the rights get ready to be up for reversal pending a judge’s decision.

The other reason this page has been fairly quiet is personal. My daughter has been facing serious medical issues and financial hardship as a result. If you want more specifics please feel free to visit

Thank you for your continued support of this page and efforts to bring AMC and OLTL back. Our inside contacts have assured us that there are still talks going on regarding these shows and that there is indeed interest. We will continue to keep you updated as we learn information.

Hey guys, check out the video preview for GH Now and then hit the task below!
(Proof that ABC is still thinking about soaps!)
Also, the lawsuit is continuing. They met on November 20th and will meet again in January. We are nearing the 18 month threshold of where ABC May be able to get the rights back but that decision rests with the judge. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted!

let’s all go and tell ABC how much we love their soap focused efforts.
Hit the feedback form
And then call the comment line with your same message!
General Hospital comment line: 323-671-4583

ABC is starting to realize that embracing the growing popularity that GH has been seeing lately is a good idea. They are getting ready to launch a new online show called “General Hospital Now.” This online show is supposed to be a cross between Saturday Night Live and Soap. It will be filmed on the set of GH and will have quite a few different GH actors as part of the show. Why do we care? Why is this good? This is the first time in a long time that ABC has done anything based on their soaps. They have long since stopped Disney Soap Weekends, SoapNet, primetime advertising of soap operas, etc. This is a great step in the right direction. Believe us, if this show knocks it out of the park they will be in meetings so fast to figure out how to take this to the next level. With us all waiting on the PP/ABC lawsuit now is the time to show appreciation for ABC showing interest in soaps. Now, this new show will air on and we know not everyone can access this. We will be tasking to this in the future. Right now though we need to be thankful and nice in our communications about this. If we go to them griping that its GH related, online, not AMC or OLTL, etc. then you are helping to kill any chance we have to getting our shows back. It is critical that you can see 20 steps down the road right now. And please don’t just comment below how much you miss the shows UNLESS you are doing something to help. We all miss the shows and we all want them back. Telling us that you miss them and want them back is NOT helping one bit. Now, feel free to get off frustrations as this is a group of people with similar feelings but you’ve gotta be helping to. There are plenty “I miss my shows” FB groups but this is a tasking page. We don’t want to just sit around complaining, we want to do something about it and create change. Shows do come back after long hiatuses. Twin Peaks looks to be returning, Boy Meets World had a reboot this year with Girl Meets World. This can happen. Actors you knew and loved from both shows tell us that YES they are still interested. They tell us that they do NOT believe that the shows are definitely gone forever. So, if the actors are onboard and ABC is warming up to soap related projects why shouldn’t you be involved in this task? We will keep you updated on this project as we know more. Right now though please send an email to Ben Sherwood thanking him for ABC’s interest in soaps with their upcoming online show “General Hospital Now.” Please DO NOT mention AMC and OLTL!!!!!!! That’s the quickest way to turn them off. Right now we need to kill them with kindness and keep our cards close to the vest.

Email to:
subject: General Hospital Now

Hulu has heard us fans loud and clear!

I received a direct notification from the office of Craig Erwich that Hulu will be reaching out to ABC/D regarding the vintage episodes of GH. Now we move on to the next piece of our plan.
Today we will be reaching out to Kevin Brockman. He reports to Anne Sweeney and Zenia Mucha. Mr. Brockman oversees all corporate, news and entertainment communication efforts worldwide on behalf of the Disney/ABC Television Group, along with the Company’s equity interests in A&E Networks, Hulu and Fusion.
We want to let him know that we the fans have been in communication with Hulu and that ABC/D should be hearing from them soon as they’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in vintage episodes of General Hospital. Since we no longer have SoapNet and General Hospital is integrating old storylines into the current ones, we the fans want access to the vintage episodes and we’d eagerly use Hulu to view these.
Please include this link in the email.
NOTE: DO NOT INCLUDE AMC AND OLTL IN YOUR EMAIL!!!! This is a step-by-step process. They won’t touch AMC and OLTL right now with the lawsuit. We need to work on getting GH setup so that we can prove the concept successful and then go in for AMC and OLTL when the time is right. From there we’ll be one step closer to getting new episodes.

Email to:

If you have not left your comment on the Hulu FB post (the link provided above) regarding bringing vintage GH episodes to Hulu please make sure to do so now, the more comments the better!! (NO MENTION OF AMC OR OLTL IN THIS POST EITHER, FOR THE SAME REASON AS ABOVE)

Wow- you all have done a great job commenting on the Hulu post. We are now going to move onto the next step of our sneaky plan to get ABC/D to realize that they need to get AMC and OLTL back on the air ASAP. General Hospital is currently the only soap currently on ABC. We also have a situation where our beloved actors that were part of the AMC and OLTL family are looking and finding other work. We know that acting jobs are not lifelong and each project they take on will end eventually. We need to create a place for ABC to lock actors into contracts once they have the rights back to AMC and OLTL but before they’ve secured a timeslot, sets, writers, etc. The answer is of course GH. Right now ABC/D won’t touch former AMC and OLTL actors with a 10 foot pole because of the lawsuit. But we can get them used to the concept being a great one by showing support for Ilene Kristen to reprise her role of Delia on GH. We of course love Ilene for her role as Roxy but before that she was Delia on Ryan’s Hope (another former ABC soap). When Ilene has been on over the past year she makes ratings soar. By showing ABC that we want her to come back again we set up a situation where we say that it is ok to have guest characters from other soaps. Most of us don’t want to see GH become home for our beloved AMC and OLTL characters but if some of them popped on their for a month or so and then transitioned over to a re-launch of AMC and OLTL it’d be wonderful. It’d help carry viewership over to the re-launch and help make sure that actors are in with ABC and don’t take another role that makes them unavailable. Of course this is down the road but right now the goal is to let them hear that we want the character Delia who was on a soap that was on many, many years ago. So today please take a moment and call the voice line and fill out the comment form. And, if you tweet please send the easy tweets below. Again, we can’t say it enough- this is just another step in our plan; we are trying to think 20 steps down the road.

General Hospital Comment Line

ABC Daytime Feedback comment line
When connected, press 464 to leave a message with GH

GH comment form

@carlivatiron @valentinifrank #WeWantDelia! ratings soar when she is around, quirky chaos ensues, its time to bring @ilenekristen back!

@carlivatiron there’s no way #Delia would let Sonny “put her in the corner!” Where is she? #PlzBringbackDelia @ilenekristen #GH

All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

The day AMC & OLTL air on Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunesApril 29th, 2013
The big day is here. grab your popcorn and saddle up folks the shows are about to start!!

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