Where are we and where are we going?

Where are we and where are we going?

Is this a question you ask yourself regarding the soap campaign? We do too! Today we have a little insight that we can share with you that will hopefully clear up some confusion and help paint a picture for where we are headed with our tasks.

Where are the rights for AMC and OLTL as of this morning? They are both still with Prospect Park. Prospect Park has the rights to both shows till January where they revert back to ABC should they not be able to find a way to get them back into production. We were able to confirm this over the weekend.

Is Prospect Park trying? Yes! They are still working on getting the investments they need to make this work. They have put in a lot of time and effort to this point so they are not just going to sit and let them revert back without a fight. Will they be successful? We don’t know. Where exactly are they in the process? We don’t know.

So where do we go from here? Well- we won’t be tasking to Disney asking them to do something with AMC right now because they don’t have the rights back….yet. Instead we will task to various employees at Disney trying to get them on our side so that if the rights do revert back and there are meetings to discuss what they will do with the shows that we might have someone in our corner. This means that we need to be polite and respectful. We can definitely share our sadness and opinions on the cancellation but need to do it professionally as we want their help. If we are obnoxious that hope goes out the window.

We will also continue to task to keep pro-soap thoughts alive. This means commenting on articles, tweeting, etc. As we find ways to get the word out to various entities we will be tasking. We still hear that there is a level of interest by Hulu. We’ll make sure that we hit that from time to time just to cover all bases.

We are NOT saying that Prospect Park will bring these shows back into production but we are saying that they still have the rights and are trying to do something with them. We look at it this way- right now we have an out other than getting Disney to do something with them. Come January we will be back to working with Disney should Prospect Park not make anything happen. It’s only 4 months away. If nothing else Prospect Park is helping by keeping a positive buzz going among potential investors and partners. This is helpful as getting these shows back into production is NOT going to be easy or cheap.

Temperature check on the actors- many are still very much interested in returning to the shows. Yes you are seeing some take on other roles. Some of these are movies and plays which are limited commitments. Others have taken on longer projects but are open to making guest appearances. How many times have our beloved characters checked in and out of Pine Valley and Llanview? IF the shows returned many would find their way back even if it wasn’t day one. There aren’t many soap operas left. Many really need these shows to come back.

What won’t help is sitting back and doing nothing as the investors considering whether or not to get involved in bringing them back need to see a strong interest. Strong interest equals profitability. So- let’s get busy and task away!


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ok..i am liking what i am hearing here.i am hoping they bring back our soaps as for some of us like me have watched them all of our lives.i am hoping that they understand this and make something work for us.we need our soaps to keep us company and really want them back.some of us r disabled and can’t get around and have nothing to keep us company except our soaps.we love them.they r our family and our lives.plz bring them back to us…plz.

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