Take it back!!!

I am sure all of you have read the interview with Carla Hall, with her saying ” Oh my gosh, we did [get criticized]. It was crazy and Brian Frons took a lot of heat for that, and I was sad to see [All My Children] go, but what I saw in it was that the soap fans were so passionate, and there’s a beginning, and middle and an end for everything, and even for us there’s a beginning. And when something ends, something else begins, and sometimes we don’t like that change. But soap fans [and] new fans have really come to enjoy the show, and I think it’s because it’s a party in the kitchen and it reminds people of what it’s like to entertain, you know? ”

There are so many things wrong with this statement it is just unreal! Harness the anger you feel after reading this and let them know exactly how we feel about the Chew and the fact that we, the “Soap fans” are NOT watching!
We want Carla to retract her comments about us watching!!! WE AREN’T! !!!

Email to: BCC THEM PLEASE!!, , ,,,

In the first comment of this post are a few easytweets to send out too 🙂


17 Responses to "Take it back!!!"

#1 @carlahall how dare you say soap fans are enjoying the chew? We demand a retraction we are not now nor will we ever watch! Long live #AMC

#2. @carlahall take back what you said about soap fans enjoying the chew..It is a lie! We dont watch it EVER! Long live #AMC & #OLTL

Feel free to tweet your own but keep it clean please..thanks

I don’t watch the chew or any shows on channel 5 in the afternoon except for General Hospital !.. I hate talk shows or cooking shows or reality shows.. There all stupid! I watched my soaps so I can have a break.. I don’t need to see a bunch of people thinking there making my life easier.. Only I can do that.. You should of left well enough alone..

Longtime All My Children fan, watching from the very beginning. I do not like the Chew have watched once or twice just cannot get into another show of this type. So, Ms. Hall your comment is not accurate.l

Hun you have to send your message via your email. The email adresses are included in the task. None of them will see it here 🙂

I will never ever ever watch “The Spew.”

the only enjoyment I’ve gotten from the chew is finding there is life after 40 plus yrs being devoted to a station’s programing that didnt appreciate it! I still will not watch ABC

Caarla thsi soap fan has ever or will ever watch your show or any and i mean any show on abc disney if so called soap fans like you say are watching your show they arent true fans i would say more but have to be civil dont miss abc disney at all did like dwts but over that too

Gloria, hey hun. You have to send your letter via email, not thru the comments of the blog, she won’t see it here 🙂
thanks for being civil

I got the emails done. Got a return of unable to send to the email, it said unable to send quota full.

Wow…we done filled up his inbox?? Wtg soap savers..think Carla is getting the picture yet?

I have NEVER watched the Chew and never will. I make sure all my TV’s and tuners are not on that station during that time. I may like some of the people on that show but my loyalty to AMC is greater!! If I wanted to watch cooking, I would go to the other two channels dedicated to the topic. I have been watching AMC reruns on Soap net because I miss my AMC. STILL angry over the cancellation!

As civil as I can try to be, let me be clear on one point. I have no interest in watching, promoting, endorsing, or purchasing anything that lands so much as 5 cents into the pockets of ABC/Disney. At the risk of infringing on John Lennon, you may say I’m a soap fan, but I’m not the only one. And I hope, someday, Agnes Nixon’s rights will be restored to her, and her soaps will live on through “All My Children” and “One Life To Live”. This is a message from the SOS movement: SAVE OUR SOAPS.

Tom, you have to send this to the email addresses provided in the task or they will not get your message. 🙂

I must say… I have not, NOT, I repeat NOOOOTTTT watched one episode of the Chew… so much so that I never even knew she said that. To be honest I don’t turn on channel 7 unless its a primetime show I want to watch… I am still a GH fan but its depressing watching it at its regular scheduled time because I’m so used to watching them in order, from AMC to OLTL to GH… I watch GH online on because I refuse to accidently watch any one of the shows that replaced my soaps.

I sent the email, as well

Lol I dont watch it either!!! It was in an article 🙂

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