We’re baaaaaaack!!!

Posted on: April 10, 2015

We know that we haven’t been tasking much in quite a long time and with good reason- there hasn’t been much to do. We value our time and yours and didn’t want to ask you to partake in meaningless tasks. But now we have some tasks that could be quite helpful so we want to see who’s still around. If you can see this message can you please hit the like button? Now please read below, it is a looooong message but we wanted to give you a full picture of everything. We don’t expect everyone to do everything listed below today. We will break apart this message and post parts of it over the next week but if you are one that likes to get a jump on things then go ahead!

Why now? Sadly, next Tuesday marks 4 years since the cancellation announcement of AMC and OLTL were made. While we haven’t contact ABC/D in quite a while we are still here and will definitely make that fact known to them next Tuesday. Right now though there are two other things that we need to have our attention on:

First, the Daytime Emmy’s are right around the corner. This year they were moved from June to Sunday, April 26th at 8:00 PM ET. They moved them since many soaps take a break in June and it is harder to get the cast to come as it is their vacation time. Let’s hope this means we will all see our favorites this year. The show will be hosted by Tyra Banks. After many years of being held at cheesy hotels the show is getting an upgrade- it will be done on the Warner Bros. Studios lot. It will also be televised once again. This time on POP. Do you get that channel? We hope so, if not don’t worry- we have a task for you! This is a big step for soap fans. We are gaining back a television spot and a better location. The pendulum is swinging back in the other direction after us continually losing more and more soap related things.

Step 1: Get the word out- many people don’t know that the Daytime Emmy’s are coming let alone when and where! Please post in ANY soap related group you belong to that hasn’t been advertising the Daytime Emmys. High viewership will help validate the popularity of soaps. (tell them time, date and channel. tell them if they are not sure if they get it to go here and enter their zip code to find out )

Step 2: Let’s encourage POP to stream the show online. Whether you can watch on POP or not and whether you actually watch award shows let’s unite together and help the genre. Please email POP at and request that the show be streamed online as not all fans are able to watch that channel. We must be thankful in our communication because they have done the genre a favor by agreeing to air the show. If you tweet please send the president of POP this easy tweet

Step 3: Actors on Twitter is an awesome way to get the word out. We have created some easy tweets to the actors nominated that were at one point on AMC and OLTL. Take a look at the list- any surprise you? Feel free to tweet out other nominees not listed below too!
Gina Tognoni- OLTL
ANDREA EVANS oltl* no twitter
JACOB YOUNG amc, oltl,
BILLY MILLER, AMC no twitter
Frank Valentini oltl

Second soap related event coming up is the next court meeting for ABC/D and PP. We hope that this will give us an indication on whether or not the case is moving forward or will be stalled indefinitely. We plan to use the results of the Daytime Emmys to encourage ABC/D. General Hospital is the soap with the most nominations and many of the actors nominated once graced the screen on AMC and/or OLTL. Once all the results are known we will crunch the numbers and have that ready for a task to show ABC/D just how good a move it would be to add AMC and OLTL back to the lineup.

So, are you with us? We hope so! If there’s particular types of tasks you like please let us know. And now to know that you made it to the end of this really long message please comment below with your favorite AMC/OLTL character of all time!

Please come back on Tuesday for a soapy walk down memory lane and some contact avenues for you to share your feelings 4 years later.


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Almost finished. I just have to email pop. Too many characters to pick a fav. So here are a few Bo&Nora and Matt & Des from One Life and Carrie, Mike, Emilio, April and Julio from Days of our Lives

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