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Ok everyone… let’s have a little huddle and talk. We know that everyone is exhausted from the incredible amount of effort we have put forth into our soap fight. Those of us working behind the scenes have felt it too. But… we took some time and reviewed where we’ve been, where we are, and what is going on now and that rejuvenated us and helped identify a plan of attack for the immediate future and thought we would share our thoughts with you all.

First, we have proven Disney wrong! They thought that cheap replacement shows would garner the same level of viewership and boy were they wrong! They also thought that once the shows ended that we would just vanish and leave them alone. Wrong once again. The soap campaign has been making noise in mainstream media and everywhere you are seeing them pick up the story about ABC’s dismal daytime ratings. If/when Katie’s show is a bust they will be put in a really bad spot and will HAVE to do something. Katie’s show has cost them $80 to date in sign on bonuses and promotional effort. That is enough money to pay for AMC and OLTL for an entire year! They have gambled on this and it is about to FAIL! And who will be there to point this out not only to them but to media and advertising contacts? You betcha- we will be there!

Vicki Dummer confirmed that Prospect Park has one year from the date that the shows ended on ABC to resurrect or they revert back to Disney. We also are still hearing credible rumblings that Hulu is still looking into AMC and OLTL. With all of this information we have come up with a plan:

First, we will still remind Prospect Park that the fans are here and wanting AMC and OLTL. Why are we doing this? Because right now they still have the rights and if they can make a miracle happen that so be it. Once the shows revert back to Disney we lose our PP option so we might as well try that angle until it is gone. Additionally, if we do this in a POSITIVE way it will show any potentially interested entity that soap fans can be loyal and supportive. We can’t come out attacking PP because if we do anyone that might have been interested will run in the opposite direction. Who would want to take a chance on something they might not be successful with if they know that the soap fans wrath would be horrendous? So- kill with kindness and support!

Next, a credible rumbling of interest is worth our effort. You will see periodic Hulu focused tasks. What is needed here is VOLUME! Basically we need to prove that soap fans are still interested in AMC and OLTL and that we would support Hulu’s involvement. This does not mean that you are supporting having the shows just online. We need to look at this as a stepping stone. Getting the shows back may be a gradual process. Right now we need to get the shows back into production and start giving back careers to the many actors and crew that are NOT regularly working. We are hearing from quite a few that they are getting work but it is not steady and that they are still very much open to going back to these shows.

Finally, we need to start working on Disney again. We need them well aware of what is going to happen should they get the rights back and that putting them on a shelf is NOT a solution. We will be focusing on individual employees with targeted messages specific to their role and function within Disney. This will make these daily tasks simple and quick. What we need is commitment that you will help us show the volume of fan interest by doing the tasks.

So, now that you know the plan we need to get to work. The first person we are going to contact is Vicki Dummer. She commented that she has received a lot of mean emails and has stressed that she is not Brian Frons. To be fair she is not the person who cancelled the shows nor has she cancelled GH. The very honest truth is that these shows will most likely never be put back on ABC Daytime. However, that does not mean that Disney cannot find a home for them. They own many and co-own many channels as well as have connections to online outlets. We need to share with Vicki Dummer how much these shows mean to us and ask for her help to find these shows a home. Turn on the emotion.. share your personal stories. What did these shows help you get through, what have they educated you on, etc. Bring all of that passion into your emails to Vicki. Let’s give her a chance to be an ally to us. If you’d like to share your email as inspiration for the rest of us and to help pump us all up please feel free to paste under today’s task on our FB wall. We of course understand if you want to keep these private. Whatever helps you most!

Email to:

From the bottom of our hearts (Kymba and FGM) we thank you so much for taking time each day/week/month to work on this campaign and show that soap fans across the miles can come together as one. You all motivate us to think outside the box and keep new tasks and angles coming.


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