Posted on: October 14, 2014

ABC is starting to realize that embracing the growing popularity that GH has been seeing lately is a good idea. They are getting ready to launch a new online show called “General Hospital Now.” This online show is supposed to be a cross between Saturday Night Live and Soap. It will be filmed on the set of GH and will have quite a few different GH actors as part of the show. Why do we care? Why is this good? This is the first time in a long time that ABC has done anything based on their soaps. They have long since stopped Disney Soap Weekends, SoapNet, primetime advertising of soap operas, etc. This is a great step in the right direction. Believe us, if this show knocks it out of the park they will be in meetings so fast to figure out how to take this to the next level. With us all waiting on the PP/ABC lawsuit now is the time to show appreciation for ABC showing interest in soaps. Now, this new show will air on and we know not everyone can access this. We will be tasking to this in the future. Right now though we need to be thankful and nice in our communications about this. If we go to them griping that its GH related, online, not AMC or OLTL, etc. then you are helping to kill any chance we have to getting our shows back. It is critical that you can see 20 steps down the road right now. And please don’t just comment below how much you miss the shows UNLESS you are doing something to help. We all miss the shows and we all want them back. Telling us that you miss them and want them back is NOT helping one bit. Now, feel free to get off frustrations as this is a group of people with similar feelings but you’ve gotta be helping to. There are plenty “I miss my shows” FB groups but this is a tasking page. We don’t want to just sit around complaining, we want to do something about it and create change. Shows do come back after long hiatuses. Twin Peaks looks to be returning, Boy Meets World had a reboot this year with Girl Meets World. This can happen. Actors you knew and loved from both shows tell us that YES they are still interested. They tell us that they do NOT believe that the shows are definitely gone forever. So, if the actors are onboard and ABC is warming up to soap related projects why shouldn’t you be involved in this task? We will keep you updated on this project as we know more. Right now though please send an email to Ben Sherwood thanking him for ABC’s interest in soaps with their upcoming online show “General Hospital Now.” Please DO NOT mention AMC and OLTL!!!!!!! That’s the quickest way to turn them off. Right now we need to kill them with kindness and keep our cards close to the vest.

Email to:
subject: General Hospital Now


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Email sent.

Very excited!!!

I am so excited about this new series!!!!

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