Yes Soap Savers, there is a Santa Claus

4And they go by the name of Prospect Park this year 🙂
If you haven’t heard let me just say it again because I have waited so long..
It looks like we are going to be getting our Christmas miracle 🙂
I got this link in my email yesterday from Jeff saying things are going well!!
Anyone want to join me in the happy dance?

I had planned to do the 2nd half of the easy tweets and fb holiday wishes to the actors but in light of said events I think a
nice round of thank you PP for not giving up etc emails and tweets are in order 🙂 We will do the 2nd half Wednesday 🙂

send your heartfelt thank you’s to
and if you are on twitter you can send this easy tweet


1 Response to "Yes Soap Savers, there is a Santa Claus"

I REALLY hope this is true!!!! I miss OLTL soooooo much!!!

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