Have you heard? Check it out!! part 2

I had a nice phone conversation with Jordi over the weekend regarding PAOS.
Right now there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes.
As they are able to publicly announce plans we will be partnering with them by conducting tasks to assist them.
They are keenly aware that we are a strong tasking page and love it.
Please stay tuned for more information on this project and how you can get involved.

Right now you can help by spreading the word to your soap fan friends to join the PAOS FB page.
Today we will also help get the word out about PAOS to more AMC and OLTL actors by tweeting and FB posting.

J.R. Martinez

Erika Slezak
an email for her…

Rebecca Budig

Kassie DePaiva

Vincent Irizarry

Jerry VerDorn

Chrishell Stauss

Melissa Archer

Debbi Morgan

Michael Easton

Bree Williamson

Susan Lucci

kelley r missal

Ricky Goldin

Brandon R Buddy

Bobbie Eakes

Trevor St. John

Jill Larson
(did her twitter yesterday)

Ilene Kristen

Cady Mcclain  dont leave messages for Cady here
but do visit it for a chuckle, she is hilarious!!

Gina Tognoni

Stephanie Gatschet

Jason W Tam

Mariah Buzolini

Kathy Brier

Cat Hickland

and The Kids

and more kids :)

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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

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