It’s not you, it’s me!

Ok guys, this just really got to me, it seems they may be talking about bringing Good Afternoon America back!!

We need to let them know that we, the viewers do not want this show, we didn’t watch when it was on and will
not watch it if they bring it back, we want love in the afternoon, not more of their cheap replacements!!
Below is our message, feel free to use as is or tweet it to suit you.

We will be emailing:
BCC the following:,,,,

It’s not about which personality is put on GAA it’s about the daytime
viewer which is me and I don’t want to watch that.
We tell you what we want via viewership, letters, emails, and calls.
When will you take the hint?


1 Response to "It’s not you, it’s me!"

I miss All My Children and One Life to Live. I got use to not turning on the tv during the day once these shows were cancelled. When General Hospital was on at 3 it wasn’t a good time with having to catch my grand kids school bus but now I watch it a 2. Wish GH would also have some All My Children people as David Haywood would know Anna. Wish they would at least have Michael Knight on ….he could help investigate someone and just land up staying.

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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

The day AMC & OLTL air on Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunesApril 29th, 2013
The big day is here. grab your popcorn and saddle up folks the shows are about to start!!

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