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Posted on: April 27, 2015

Let’s take a moment and see what results our efforts this week have had thus far and discuss where we go from here and some other news regarding PP and ABC’s legal fight:

First, we hit Nathan Varni hard today replying to his tweets with our pro-AMC/OLTL tweets.  He finally responded to one saying that the shows were not returning at this time.  Now while we’d have loved for him to say that they are going into production tomorrow the fact that he didn’t say they were over, done, cancelled forever, etc is a glimmer of hope.  Nathan Varni is the Manager of Current Series on ABC which includes being the Point Exec on GH.  While he isn’t the decision maker he works with those involved in the decisions.  He’s also very active on Twitter which is good for us.  If he hears from enough people he is bound to share with the decision makers.

The fight for AMC and OLTL is way different than it was several years ago.  So many fans are tired and discouraged so getting masses to send emails is a hard mountain to climb.  And by sending an email ABC can quickly look the other way, sweep it under the rug, and act like it doesn’t exist.  BUT…Twitter is transparent.  When we tweet not only can they see it but so can their followers, co-workers, competitors, fans, etc.  We are going to use this to our advantage.  Tweeting is super fast so it won’t take fans long to get their feelings out there in the world.  Our hope is that other fans will start to see the tweets and jump in to lend their support as well.  We need #AMC and #OLTL trending.  If we respond to tweets that ABC Executives/Official ABC Twitter accounts are posting they will get notifications of the action and when they review it we hope they see a sea of AMC and OLTL tweets.  It’s all about keeping our shows in everyone’s thoughts and proving that there are still a huge number of fans waiting and wanting the shows back.

So why turn up the heat now???  Per the agreement that ABC and Prospect Park entered the rights to AMC and OLTL should be ready to revert pending a decision by the judge in this case.  Let’s talk about the court case for a moment.  While not much is happening there is some news.  First, the next meeting will be happening on May 12th at 11:30 AM ET.  Now for the interesting news- the case has been reassigned to a different department.  This means that the judge presiding over the case will change.  The case is moving to department 61 which is presided over by Judge Gregory Keosian.  We don’t know much about him but he became a judge in the summer of 2002.  He also presided over the Kris Humphries STD lawsuit last June.  We are hoping that things will start to move forward faster with the change but of course have no way of knowing.  Stay tuned- we will keep you in the loop as we get new information.  In the meantime we need YOU to help by tweeting.  If you don’t have Twitter we can help you create an account.  The way we do tweeting will make it super simple.  It won’t do us any good to have the rights revert back if the fans aren’t being vocal and making their presence known.  Who’s with us????

Please reply to the following tweets. Just erase the other twitter handles that aren’t Nathan/ABC/ or Vicki and add your reply.
Replies to include but not limited to: pleading with them to share the fan desire to have them put back on the schedule with the powers that be, how much you love and miss them and want them back, you know love for our shows 🙂
If you need help crafting one let me know 🙂


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