Where is the Big announcement? and the Winners are…

Posted on: April 27, 2015

So the Daytime Emmys are over and NO BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!
Seems that Soaps in Depth ABC knows something about what it was supposed to be
but no word on why it wasn’t made.  Could it be our pleas about AMC and OLTL got to them a bit???
Well let’s go full force!  Tweet and email hopes that this big announcement is coming soon and AMC and OLTL related.

Let’s be thankful in email that they care about the genre enough to air the Emmys and reruns of YR and BB.
Tell them how big a fan you are of AMC and OLTL.  If you get Pop promise to become a regular viewer.
If you don’t get the channel promise to look into switching providers and/or petitioning your provider to add Pop to their lineup.

Come on- this is the biggest opening we’ve had in a long time.  Time to pounce hard!!!

Below are the easy tweets and email addresses and a link to the list of the winners. And if you will,
Please retweet any tweet you see regarding the big announcement! Feel free to create your own
tweets as well, (Informal contest…who can come up with the best tweet regarding this?)

Easy tweets

Email to the following all together,,,,,,,,

Emmy winners list;_ylt=A0LEVvkZsD1V4yEALh0nnIlQ


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