Hope to see you there!

Yesterday we focused all our attention on The Paos Revolution teaser for the film “On Air”,
so today lets turn out attention to their reality series “The Perfect Day”,
this show is supposed to incorporate soap actors from many different shows so let’s
try to drum up actor support to make this show successful and create a huge fan base.

Today and tomorrow we will focus on AMC and OLTL actors and then next week we will dive
into other actors from other the soap operas. The more actors and fans we have from various
shows will send a stronger message that soaps still matter.
So whether you are an AMC, OLTL, GH, DOOL, Y&R, B&B, AW, ATWT, GL etc fan,
please just take a moment to do these tasks, think about how high of a number we would have
if all soap fans and actors from all shows came together in support of these projects how successful it would be.

…Please FB post the following…
we would love to see you attached to a project with
Poas Revolution
(if you are posting on fb and see the message already posted,
please write a comment in that post instead of posting it again
and it taking up the whole wall.)

Please click & send the following easy tweets ūüôā

Robin Strasser

Cameron Mathison

Hillary B. Smith

Lindsey Hartley

Sean Ringold

Jordi Vilasuso

Shenelle Edmonds

Trent Garrett

Kim Zimmer

Alicia Minshew

Kristen Alderson

Walt Willey

Andrew Trishetta

Sarah Glendening

Eddie Alderson

Danielle Parker

Patrick Gibbons Jr.

Christina B Lind

Brittney Underwood

Denise Vasi

Tonja Walker

Cornelius Smith Jr

Farah Fath

Jacob Young

Lenny Platt

Jill Larson

Jake Vaughn


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