How do I use Twitter

Ok I know several of you are still not on twitter.
In order to best help support our shows you need twitter.We are able to tweet out the ads from AMC and OLTL,
this shows appreciation to the sponsors and we need to do that!
You can also have little conversations on twitter with most of your
favorite actors 🙂 Tomorrow we have a celebrity Birthday and that
actor can only be reached via twitter so come on, it’s EASY!!

Below are step by step directions on how to sign up, follow and tweet

#1. go to
You will see this Do as it saystwitter2

#2. once you click the yellow sign up for twitter it will take you to this page

As you see most of the things are already filled in for you since you filled them in on the previous page.
If your username is available  all you have to do is click create account, if  it isn’t find a new username
that is available and then click create account.

Now, a little box will pop up and tell you to confirm your account so go to your email,
hit the link in the email from twitter. It will take you back to your twitter account,
and tell you to enter your password. Once you do that it will take you to your twitter page
where you will get to do a walk thru starting with this.


You will then be directed to follow 5 people. See the blue button that says following?
When you go to a persons profile it will say follow, you hit that and it will change to following.
for this first 5 I recommend these 5 accounts
@soapsaversunite (this is me :)) LOL

They will then ask you to follow 5 more, and 5 more again then you will be all set.
In here is all the AMC and OLTL cast that has twitter, These are the actually
actors twitter handles and not imposters.

Just a few things to keep in mind.
You only get 140 characters per tweet, spaces count as one as well.
When you are wanting to address someone you need to use the @ symbol. this directs
your words to show up on that persons page. for example. you would click where it says compose a tweet.(1.)
“I am loving @allmychildren & @onelifetolive. @Toln is really doing a great job!”
This will make your tweet show up on AMC, OLTL and TOLN’s twitter feed (2). (that is like your news feed on FB.)


It is important to remember that most of the tweets I will ask you to do are very simple, it is just a matter of two clicks and done!!
Please if you need help just ask me, I have walked many people thru this simple process and they absolutely love twitter now!!
Heck I know an 85 year old woman who tweets so come on, what are you waiting for?


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