It is a good day to share :)

Staying in the whole sharing of our  feelings , today we will be sharing our feelings
with Katie. In a recent interview she admits that she had low expectations for her new
ABC-produced daytime talk show.
As did we right?. LOL

“I wanted to do a show that I thought was interesting, compelling and enlightening,
and while I knew that there were going to be some inevitable comparisons to Oprah Winfrey,
I tried to throw water on them every chance I got.” Katie adds.

Because she took over O’s spot on hundreds of channels, she claims.

The only comparisons to O she gets is “Your no O” would be my guess.

She talks about how she developed an almost intimate relationship with the audience in some ways,
because they saw her in various situations, sad ones.

“They saw me in a whole panoply of situations, like you would see a family member,
and I think we formed this bond. As a result, maybe people became a little more interested
in me as a person and not a journalist,” she said. “It’s hard and tricky.

Personally this whole article hit me  the wrong way, like she is trying to compare herself to our shows.
Please read this article and judge for yourself and then tell Katie how this article makes you feel!!

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