Twitter for newbies :)

Hi everyone, I am going to try and post some very easy to follow twitter directions to
hopefully help you be able to navigate and use twitter with ease 🙂

Go here, and hit sign up.
enter your email, the name you want to be known as and a password.
(Write it down so you don’t forget it) once that is done here are a few helpful hints

So, first this is what your twitter page looks like


















This is your command center . this is where you
can compose a tweet,  to see who has tweeted you
click the tab with @connect, to discover new things
click the tab with #discover, and to see what you
have tweeted click the Me tab.











Where you see the yellow highlighted box you
will click right there on yours and it will open.
This is where you will tweet to people or just
tweet out your thought not directed at anyone.










Example of random tweet, type it in
and then hit the blue tweet button.











Now, to find people to follow, simply enter the
name of the person you are looking for into the
search bar, it is highlighted in yellow below for
easy finding









once you find the person you seek, and are looking at their twitter page,
simply hit the follow button.












now once you Follow a person they will show up on your timeline and you
will be able to tweet to them so they can see you. This is where # come in.
see below, for explanation regarding them.
Remember you only have 120 characters to work with so keep it short.












Now the point behind the #’s are this, if people want
to reach a specific group  people that like your topic.
It gets it out to a wider group than if you
just tweet it without it. As you see I used #AMC
so that if anyone uses the #discover tab and puts that in
anything anyone says with that # will come up.
It helps you to find other people that tweet about the
things you do so you can follow them if you want

If I have missed anything please feel free to leave
me a message here and I will try to address it

Happy tweeting! please follow me, @soapsaversunite
I follow the right people!


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Sorry there are such spaces in between the pics, it did not want to cooperate with me tonight 🙂

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