How about it Hulu?

Today we are going to contact Hulu via their contact form here

Please leave ONE comment stating that you would subscribe to Hulu Plus or “consider” subscribing if you aren’t sure if you could/would pay to see the shows. Feel free to add any details to why this means so much to you- take your moment and get those feelings out.

Hulu would be a good first step solution- get these back into production. From there the sky is the limit if the viewership is there. Good news is that tracking viewership online is much more clear and thus they couldn’t fudge the numbers like Nielsen can!

and if you have not commented on the
“I would pay to watch amc & oltl “ thread
in awhile You can find the discussion thread at
should be pretty close to the top as I just commented on it

and the one on the content request…“All My Children and One Life to Live!!!
I have looked and looked for this thread and cannot find it, first one to find it and comment on it to bring it to the top
will be my hero 🙂 thanks..

Here are some easy tweets to Hulu, do one do all it is up to you 🙂
@hulu just watched GH sure wish I could watch AMC & OLTL here too! That would be fantastic:)

@hulu_support would love to watch #AMC & #OLTL on hulu..

@HuluPlus I would pay to watch #AMC & #OLTL! Monthly subscription4 Hulu+ $8.99
Vs. $45.00+ for cable
The ability to watch again priceless!

(it says @hulu @hulu_support Love and miss#AllMyChildren and #OneLifeToLive please put these on Hulu, Thank you)

(@hulu I would love to watch AMC & OLTL again, would even join @huluplus to watch them, old and new alike! how about it? )

@hulu want to be my hero?? please help get AMC and OLTL back! would be willing to pay for @huluplus so I could watch what happens next!7.
@hulu millions of loyal soap fans out there looking for a hero, could it be you? @huluplus?
I know I would join! i miss #AMC & OLTL

6 Responses to "How about it Hulu?"

Please pick up the soaps that ABC cancelled

you need to click on the link in the task and place your comment on the discussion board 🙂 thanks

I would definitely subscribe to Hulu Plus and be willing to pay in order to see AMC and OLTL again. Please consider doing this.

you need to click on the link in the task and place your comment on the discussion board 🙂 thanks bunches

please put your comment on the appropriate discussion board on Hulu’s site 🙂

Yes, I would love it if Hulu would pick up AMC and OLTL. I miss the shows sooo much!

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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

The day AMC & OLTL air on Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunesApril 29th, 2013
The big day is here. grab your popcorn and saddle up folks the shows are about to start!!

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