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If you watched Saturday’s Daytime Emmy’s you may have several different emotions. While we too are disappointed that AMC and OLTL did not receive any trophies nor did their tributes live up to they hype there were some very positive points. First, HLN aired the Daytime Emmy’s. Up until 2 months before there wasn’t anyone stepping up to air the show. It was huge that HLN did broadcast them so that we did not entirely miss out. Second, the show went long but instead of just hurrying winners off the stage or not airing the end they allowed it to go long- this was very classy and nice. Third, ABC’s General Hospital was the big winner with 5 awards including best daytime drama. This is huge because ABC has contemplated getting rid of General Hospital and now it comes out on top as a huge winner. Puts them in a tough spot. We need GH to stay on the air because if the genre takes another hit it would be so detrimental. We can and will use GH’s big wins to task. Another victory was that the Today Show beat out Good Morning America. And- The View did not win either. So, ABC won big with their one and only remaining soap opera and failed with Good Morning America and The View. How does that make the sound of GAA sound? Like another loser to me! So let’s task and task hard. Now is the perfect time to hit hard!

Email to ABC/Disney:

Subject: Congratulations

the TO field please put (you can send to all those listed below together in one email):,, Anne.x.Sweeney@,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Congratulations on having your lone remaining soap opera, General Hospital, walk away with 5 huge awards during Saturday’s Daytime Emmy’s. Are you proud? You should be and yet you’ve come so close to canceling it and could not even place a note of good luck or best wishes in this year’s program like other networks did for their shows.

So, your lone soap earns five huge awards and yet your pride and joy shows- Good Morning America and The View walk away with nothing. How exactly are you making good decisions here? By looking at this it does not look like Good Afternoon America will be much of a success. Why don’t you admit your mistakes and bring drama in the form of soap operas back to ABC Daytime. It’s what the viewers want and what the critics/voters agree that you do well.

Again- congratulations on having the Best Daytime Drama. You should be proud- other networks would be proud if their show had won.


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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

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