I do not think so!!

As is fellow saver John Larsen from Save OLTL from Being Cancelled. He has nailed every point we need to be telling ABC/Gordon in this letter that he crafted. We have permission to use this as is or as a guide for your emails today! We need to be up in arms over this! It is a slap in the face to soap fans everywhere! So please one and all hit this hard!! Let’s show them we are still here.


Faithful fans of your longtime ABC Daytime lineup feel it is shocking that you would choose to Monday – the week marking the one-year anniversary of your cancellation of AMC – to attempt cross-promotion between your one remaining soap, General Hospital, and your flailing, demo-dropping AMC replacement, The Chew.  We regard this as a very serious matter – a true slap in the face to those soap fans you’ve lost via your own alienation tactics, and those you’ve managed to retain after your needless soap bloodbath, which cut down longtime legacy program, AMC, and your #1 soap, OLTL.  Be advised the word has gone out to all fans, and response/backlash will be massive.  While we haven’t personally advised boycotting GH as a result of this cross-promotion, some fans feel differently.  Their actions are beyond our control, and make no mistake about it, they are furious enough to feel that it may time to withdraw support for ALL ABC daytime programming.  The ripples in ratings will be clearly felt throughout all of ABC Daytime’s lineup.

We continue our boycott of The Chew, and of Katie Couric’s program.  We will NEVER watch these programs.  They are an insult to the memory of our gone but never-forgotten soaps.  The rating returns are clear – The Chew, just this week alone, based on Mon.-Wed. overnights, is down a shocking 70 percent in the key Women 25-54 demo, vs. ratings for GH on these dates.  It has consistently been down in total viewers and key demos vs. year-ago AMC.  Katie’s show is running flat in many cities:  In NY, she lost 43% of the GH lead-in last Thursday, 9/13, alone.  In Orlando, she has lost to Jerry Springer and GH.  In Chicago, she has lost.  In Cincinnati, she has recently placed third, beat out soundly by Judge Judy and Let’s Make A Deal.  There are many other top markets in which she’s faring poorly.

In short:  Viewers do not want Katie or The Chew, and the abysmal ratings for the canceled Revolution and short-term run of GAA speak for themselves.  Make no mistake about it – the generously disappointing ratings for The Chew and Katie, and outright failure of The Revolution and GAA, are the direct result of a massive AMC and OLTL fan backlash that continues to this day.  A full lineup of AMC, OLTL, and GH, just may have given Katie the edge she needed to succeed – but ABC has been unwilling to give Katie the goods she truly needs to etch out a place in the already-overcrowded daytime TV talk community.  Until AMC and OLTL fan concerns are addressed, via restoration to ABC Daytime or through making a true deal for them to continue elsewhere (as you’d promised with Prospect Park), the boycott actively observed by millions, and growing every day, will continue.  Only a show of good faith on the part of ABC, including firm details that fans may truly rely upon, will staunch the daytime numbers bleed-out.  It is up to you, ABC!

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