Step two

Posted on: September 9, 2014

Wow- you all have done a great job commenting on the Hulu post. We are now going to move onto the next step of our sneaky plan to get ABC/D to realize that they need to get AMC and OLTL back on the air ASAP. General Hospital is currently the only soap currently on ABC. We also have a situation where our beloved actors that were part of the AMC and OLTL family are looking and finding other work. We know that acting jobs are not lifelong and each project they take on will end eventually. We need to create a place for ABC to lock actors into contracts once they have the rights back to AMC and OLTL but before they’ve secured a timeslot, sets, writers, etc. The answer is of course GH. Right now ABC/D won’t touch former AMC and OLTL actors with a 10 foot pole because of the lawsuit. But we can get them used to the concept being a great one by showing support for Ilene Kristen to reprise her role of Delia on GH. We of course love Ilene for her role as Roxy but before that she was Delia on Ryan’s Hope (another former ABC soap). When Ilene has been on over the past year she makes ratings soar. By showing ABC that we want her to come back again we set up a situation where we say that it is ok to have guest characters from other soaps. Most of us don’t want to see GH become home for our beloved AMC and OLTL characters but if some of them popped on their for a month or so and then transitioned over to a re-launch of AMC and OLTL it’d be wonderful. It’d help carry viewership over to the re-launch and help make sure that actors are in with ABC and don’t take another role that makes them unavailable. Of course this is down the road but right now the goal is to let them hear that we want the character Delia who was on a soap that was on many, many years ago. So today please take a moment and call the voice line and fill out the comment form. And, if you tweet please send the easy tweets below. Again, we can’t say it enough- this is just another step in our plan; we are trying to think 20 steps down the road.

General Hospital Comment Line

ABC Daytime Feedback comment line
When connected, press 464 to leave a message with GH

GH comment form

@carlivatiron @valentinifrank #WeWantDelia! ratings soar when she is around, quirky chaos ensues, its time to bring @ilenekristen back!

@carlivatiron there’s no way #Delia would let Sonny “put her in the corner!” Where is she? #PlzBringbackDelia @ilenekristen #GH


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