Step one

Posted on: September 9, 2014

If you didn’t get a chance to do this task yet please take a minute and do so. We are going to use the link to this post in communications with ABC/D to work on the next part of our plan. We stress that it is very important to NOT mention AMC and OLTL in your comments. As we roll out our plan it will become more understood but please understand we want AMC and OLTL back more than anything but for this task mentioning them could hinder our chances.

Thanks again for tasking- Hulu has already responded saying this is a great idea and they are going to look into it. Let’s put more comments out there to drive their interest in gaining this content higher and higher.
We have been watching, researching, and hoping for a new angle to bring further awareness to the soap genre and give us an opportunity to lay groundwork to help us get AMC and OLTL back on network television.
We have found our angle!
Now, please take a moment and read the details below.
This plan takes multiple steps. At this point we can’t do X and expect to get the immediate results we want. Instead, this is going to take time and multiple steps but we feel it’s a good plan. Right now we need a way to prove to ABC that there is a strong demand for soaps and enable ABC to make some good, fast, and easy money from the genre as we know that is what drives them. ABC has a surplus of vintage episodes of all the soaps they’ve had on the air. Without SoapNet these shows are just sitting. Putting them somewhere such as Hulu would bring them some easy money since they own part of Hulu and the shows have long since been paid for. Plus, this is a chance to show advertisers that even old episodes of these shows draw viewers. In order to do this we need to go down the path with least resistance which is GH. We know- you all want AMC and OLTL. We do too but this is the first step. GH is currently on the air and has a strong fanbase which is known by their viewership numbers and participation with GH’s official social media accounts. GH is currently running a storyline that strongly references a storyline from the 80’s. This is perfect timing as fans are Googling and searching YouTube about this storyline. ABC could test the waters by making episodes related to this storyline available and advertising it through social media. Once it gets a strong click through rate then they’d be open to expanding the offering to other storylines and other soap operas. For those screaming at the screen stating that you don’t want old episodes, you want new ones we get that. This is just another step in the process. If vintage GH episodes go over well and brings ABC/D, Hulu, and advertisers easy money they will want to do more. If vintage AMC and OLTL episodes generate more easy money then there will be a strong case showing that fans are still there and that it wouldn’t be a crazy gamble to bring them back to network TV once they regain the rights. So, are you with us? We have a bunch of new contacts to begin hitting with our plan but first we need to know that the support is there to make this happen. To test the waters we created a request for vintage GH episodes on Hulu’s FB . Please go here like and comment with comments such as “I agree,” “Yes please,” or “Ditto.”
Get as many friends to comment as well. We need to keep this focused on GH for the moment in order to create a foundation on which we build.


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