Update regarding Prospect Park vs. ABC

Posted on: August 21, 2014

PP and ABC/D met with Judge Hess on Wednesday and the result was that the proceeding was continued and will resume with another meeting on November 20th.  The Judge has issued an Order to Show Cause regarding the bankruptcy.  This basically means that the judge wants PP to explain/justify the bankruptcy filing as it will affect how/when this case can move forward.

I know that we all wish this would just come to resolution and/or at least go to trial so that we can all move forward.  The shows are in limbo as this case stands in limbo.  We know that this news may have many of you saying to yourself, “Why then continue to task?  Why continue to fight?”  Well there are some very good reasons that we should continue:

1. While this is not coming to a speedy resolution it will be resolved.  We expect that it will be resolved in 2015 before ABC makes its decisions about the following year’s schedule.
2. This delay gives actors that have found work time to carry out their current commitments.  We know quite a few have found work on other soaps.  We know this genre- most will not be on their shows for many years to come.  Storylines come to an end, characters are killed off, contracts are not renewed, etc.
3. While quite a few actors have found other steady work there are many who have not.  A resurrection of these shows would be a fantastic opportunity for them.
4. Our consistent outreach and outcry helps keep the remaining soaps on the air; especially GH.  ABC hears us loud and clear.  While they won’t publicly say much they know that they don’t want to endure the wrath that cancelling GH would create.  The other networks are also aware of the continued fan communication and while they had previously considered cancelling their soap operas they are now more wary of doing so.

Right now there is not as much for fans to do regarding tasks.  We don’t like to create tasks just for the sake of having a task.  We want our efforts to be strategic/useful/beneficial.  We do know that continued contact is worthwhile though because it continually proves ABC wrong.  We have direct personal knowledge that ABC fully expected the fan backlash BUT they felt that once the shows stopped airing that fans would move on.  They’ve been totally caught off-guard that this much time later we still care and we are showing no signs of going away.  This type of impact has given us the best chance to get our shows back once this lawsuit is settled. 

So please don’t let the court case delay get you down and feeling defeated.  Remember- we have beaten so many odds already.  When they were cancelled by ABC we were told that nobody wanted them.  Well companies did want them and PP got them.  When PP ran into financial trouble and shelved the plan to resurrect them people once again said to give it up because it was over.  Then PP did find the funding they re-launched the shows.  So now we are here waiting for a court case to be settled.  We expect ABC to regain the rights to the shows.  In March an ABC spokesperson stated, “We value the history and the legacy of both ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’.  They are television institutions.” Let’s work together to ensure that they keep that sentiment and do something with it once they are able.  Come back here on Monday for a task to help keep our shows top of mind.


2 Responses to "Update regarding Prospect Park vs. ABC"

Great post!

Thank you for the update! Yes, love seeing the potential of a positive side to this mess! We have waited this long and we can hold out until we know for sure all is lost! Thank you again for news and staying on top of all of this!!!

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