Thank you and please don’t do that again!

Posted on: June 23, 2014

Last night was the Daytime Emmy’s.
OLTL walked away with the best directing team.
For a show that was just picking up steam this is impressive.
While the show was definitely way better than those in recent past
(talking format/not nominees and winners) the Red Carpet was an insult
to the soap genre- cast/crew/fans.

Today we thank NATAS for improving the show quality (great step in the right direction)
but we feel disrespected by the choice to blackball soap bloggers/editors in exchange for
bloggers who had no respect/knowledge of the industry.

Email to:,



11 Responses to "Thank you and please don’t do that again!"

I watched it online – and it was good to see the stars and categories and winners – but Kathy Griffin is a vulgar atheist, and the red carpet interviewers were so unprofessional. Why wouldn’t just one network agree to carry the Daytime Emmys – even if they were presented some afternoon? I feel that all of daytime television is being disrespected – starting with that ABC idiot and former head of daytime television, Brian Frons.

My guess to why they couldn’t get a network deal is that NATAS did not want another year of infomercial. That they could not get a network to agree to the way they wanted to do it so they just streamed it themselves. I personally loved the award show itself, minus Kathy. But the red carpet was torture to watch!

I 100% agree with you about the Red Carpet! Totally disgusting and offensive!

Please make sure to send your emails regarding this!!

Done! Just sent my emails!

I don’t know much about blogging, so please explain who was blackballed, and who those 2 idiots were and where they came from. Do you know why GH came up empty and AMC.,I feel the online AMC was much better than online OLTL , though I as loyal to both. Online AMC was better than the sat few years on tv, while OLTL seemed for kids. IMHO

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All of the soap media (well some of them) requested to be able to do the red carpet interviews but instead they got 4 off the wall, crass, disrespectful, ignorant about anything to do with soaps girls. AMC won 2 awards, one of them was tied with OLTL. (During the creative emmys)They were not nominated for anything last night so that is why they didn’t win any. As for GH, no clue. I liked both online shows and am beyond thrilled that between the two of them they brought in 5 Emmys!! 🙂

Email hast been sent. The red carpet could have been done so much better with better without the obnoxious people they chose to host. Happy for the online soaps won some awards. But I want them back like now!

Sorry for my typo the email has been sent.

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