Let Me Introduce Myself- I’m a Soap Fan!

Posted on: June 2, 2014

There is finally a Brian Frons replacement and her name is Lisa Hackner.
She has a connection to the old Tyra Banks show so it makes sense that
she would be excited to bring Tyra’s new show to ABC Daytime.

We need to clue her in that soap fans helped prevent “The Revolution,”
“Good Afternoon America,” and “Katie” from finding success on ABC’s Daytime.
Soap fans still hold a grudge for the cancellation of AMC and OLTL.

We want to make sure GH stays in the lineup and that she works hard to bring
AMC and OLTL back as soon as the rights are returned to ABC.

On the subject of rights reverting, the court case is dragging along.
It has been continued until August 20th where they will meet once
again to cover the topic of PP’s bankruptcy filing. We need to keep
strong right now so that once the rights do revert they know that the audience
and interest is still there. This also gives actors time to wrap up current projects
and become available once again. Many are still interested in returning to the show.

So, let’s get busy and email Lisa Hackner today!


8 Responses to "Let Me Introduce Myself- I’m a Soap Fan!"

No more reality shows. The fans don’t want them. Tyra will fail, just like all your other shows failed. The fans want love in the afternoon, and won’t watch anything else. It’s about time you give the fans what we want, and abc network, will be the best again. Susan and John Tenentes. PS the soap genre is not dead. The ratings have been great

Susan, putting your message for Lisa here does no good please send her an email.

Help my email came back as failure.

It is

Thank you. I resent the email!

My emails are bouncing back. Is the address correct? Rusty
Sent from my iPhone

It depends on when u sent them. The email Addy was wrong when posted. Do you have hackney or hackner

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