Tuesday & Wednesday’s task

Posted on: May 28, 2014

Last week we made a point to let those involved in the ABC Affiliate Meeting how much we want a soapy daytime and how that impacts their prime time viewership numbers. We have heard that concerns over their prime time numbers versus the other networks was a big topic during the meeting. There is also concern over how Barbara Walters’ retirement will impact “The View.” It would be in AMC and OLTL fans best interest if “The View” dipped in numbers. This is because if it does then it will impact ABC’s local news numbers for the noon news and will thus impact those that stick around for “The Chew.” If those shows take a hit and GH maintains it will push them even farther to return our shows to the lineup. This is definitely being heavily watched so we just need to stay strong and committed.

Today let’s reach out to Heidi S. Lobel, Senior Vice President of Daytime Sales. We need to reiterate the same message- we want a soapy daytime. Keep GH on the lineup and push those correct decision makers to fight to get the rights back to AMC and OLTL and return them to the lineup.

Note: ABC and PP go back to court on Friday. This meeting with the judge will concern PP’s filing for bankruptcy where they will have to show cause. Stay tuned- we will keep you updated with the latest!


And Wednesday’s
Today (Wednesday) we are going to the top dog of ABC’s sales and marketing in order to share the fact that we prefer a soapy ABC Daytime and that the removal of AMC and OLTL impacts our decisions on which prime time programming we choose to watch.

Feel free to also point out that back in the day when soaps dominated in viewership numbers marketing was done at such a higher level and that we feel that marketing regarding GH has been lackluster in recent years. We hope that ABC works hard to regain the rights to AMC and OLTL and restore ABC’s daytime to what is should be. Once that is done the fans will return- not only to those shows but to prime time programming as well.
Email: Geri Wang, President of Sales and Marketing (reports to Anne Sweeney)
Please post done below so I know how many are tasking, thank you!


3 Responses to "Tuesday & Wednesday’s task"

Both emails have been sent.

I would love nothing more then to have all my ABC soaps back I miss them so much. There is nothing on television at that time except on TNT Supernatural and Bones and Castle. When my Mom was alive she lived in Myrtle Beach SC and I live in Martinsburg West Virginia even though we weren’t together watching the soaps together after All My Children would go off we would call each other before One Life to Live came on and talked about what was happening. Then we hang up and watch One Life To Live and did the same thing and after General Hospital was over either she would call me or I called her it was a contest who could call who the fastest. This would really mean so very much to me. My mom died on September 10th 2012 exactly 83 days after my 21 year old son was murdered. I know you don’t know me my mom and I have always watched the ABC soaps for as long as I can remember please bring them back. There are so many viewers like myself who miss their daytime shows on ABC. I have tried other soaps they don’t even compare to All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When thinking about returning our soaps please think about all of us viewers who have been loyal and faithful fans for many many years and still are to General Hospital.
Thank YOU
Kathleen Hutchinson

Darling you have to use your email to send this letter to the ABC contact provided

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