Thank you for being Upfront

Posted on: May 14, 2014

Yesterday ABC had their Upfronts and a few exciting things happened!
ABC Entertainment Pres. Paul Lee actually touted the strength of #GH during the upfront!

abc upfront gh




pic credit

This is a great thing! It is showing that people really want drama in the
afternoon and that ABC may be finally understanding!

He also said “Our goal is to protect the stability of the schedule, target our weak spots…”
with that in mind we are going to send out easy tweets today (or tweets of your own)
pointing out the weak spots and offering up a solution! While also thanking them
for mentioning GH today.

We are also going to the Yoplait FB page and leave messages of thanks and gratitude
for them supporting GH. We have a couple easy tweets for that too!

Here are the ones for ABC (2 part tweet so do both please)
part 1
part 2

Their Thank you tweet

Now for Yoplait,
This is a picture of the Banner for the Nurses Ball on GH,
I would like for everyone to go here and leave a comment
expressing your gratitude for their sponsorship!
(even if you don’t watch GH or like Yoplait, fake it til you make it!!)

And their easy tweet


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