Gather round again

Posted on: May 9, 2014

We have gotten lots of feedback regarding our task related to the product placement/sponsorship on GH by Yoplait.
Let us take a moment and address a few things. First, this campaign that Yoplait is doing is more significant than having an actor drinking a can of Coke or having a bag of Ruffles potato chips sitting on a counter. This involves branding, dialog geared toward selling the product, etc. This type of publicity costs quite a bit of money. This is great for GH. This type of campaign could be great for AMC and OLTL as well. It’s not a new concept- remember how Campbell’s sponsored a runway event on AMC? When the cancellations occurred and the PP drama occurred we tried to get advertisers interested in this type of advertising but we couldn’t get much traction. But this is the crack we’ve been waiting for. By showing Yoplait that this was well worth the money we send a strong message to General Mills who owns 51% of the company. We also are sending a strong message to Yoplait’s direct completion. Why? Because if we can generate enough interest then ABC will be fielding calls regarding opportunities. They can’t turn GH into one big commercial so they will look for other opportunities to cash in on this. That’s where AMC and oltl come in. Having advertisers wanting to pay for product placement would help them come back. Advertisers are desperately seeking ways to get in front of their customer now that we have found ways around watching commercials. Let’s show them that this works so that they end up helping us get through to ABC- we want a soapy daytime.

If you sent an email yesterday and only used one of the suggested comments feel free to send another with a different message 🙂
If you didn’t send the emails yesterday please do so today!
And there are a couple easy tweets at the bottom as well 🙂

#1. We need to let Yoplait know that we saw this product placement
and that we are thrilled that they supported ABC Soaps with this type of advertising (We want to use “ABC soaps” because hopefully this will get them to put pressure on ABC to make other soap options available for advertising). Lay it on thick with these types of comments: a. You are going to try/switch over to Yoplait
b. You only watch soaps on ABC and are thrilled they advertised during this programming.
c. You’d like to see more product placement on ABC soap operas.
d. The only daytime programming I watch is ABC soaps and I have DVR so this is the only advertisement I’ve seen lately and it got me- I’m buying Yoplait.

EMAIL TO:,,,,,

#2. We need to make Yoplait’s top competitors jealous that they just got outsmarted by having Yoplait advertise using product placement on an ABC soap opera (Again- let’s keep it vague- ABC soaps; trying to send a message that more than one soap on ABC would be beneficial).
Types of comments to include:
a. I’m switching to Yoplait due to their product placement on an ABC soap.
b. The only daytime programming I watch is ABC soaps and I have DVR so this is the only advertisement I’ve seen lately and it got me- I’m buying Yoplait.
c. I would love to see your products advertised during an ABC soap.
That would get my attention and interest to support your brand.

Note: Want to make a bigger impact? CC: on this email!!
He is the president of Yoplait!!

After emailing to both sets of emails please share this with others!!


Join us late tonight and over the weekend for some fun on the phone!!


2 Responses to "Gather round again"

I sent the emails last night and the tweets this morning.

All done. I prey it works.

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