A thank you, a request, and a task:

Posted on: May 5, 2014

First, a sincere thank you to everyone that has been tasking.
Secondly, a request- if you are tasking could you please comment when you are done with a task.
We know there are taskers out there that don’t let us know which is great but by letting us know you do 2 things-
first, you help us understand how many are tasking so we can understand how much of an impact we are making.
Second, posting complete helps build morale with other potential taskers.

Now on to today’s task.
If you haven’t emailed the top 5 Affiliates or have something else to say please send an email!
We also have a couple of Easy Tweets created for those that use twitter that will be put out later
this afternoon so make sure to check back in 🙂

Let’s remind them that we fans know how much ABC screwed them with the cancellation of AMC and OLTL. We all know how much The Revolution, Good Afternoon America, and Katie tanked. We need to remind them that the soap fans are still here and we want them to bring up the concept of bringing AMC and OLTL back once ABC regains the rights during their upcoming Affiliates Meeting. We enjoy supporting GH but the cancellation has impacted our viewing habits which not only include daytime but also which station we watch for local programming (news) and prime time.

Please send an email (or individual emails) to ALL 5 of these top Affiliates. We also encourage you to reach out to your local Affiliate to ask them to bring this topic up at the Affiliates Meeting.
(if you are not sure how let me know and I will try to help)
WFAA-TV Mike Devlin President and General Manager

KABC-TV Mr.ArnoldKleiner General Manager

WPVI-TV Bernie Prazenica General Manager

WABC-TV Rebecca Campbell General Manager

WBND-TV Jeff Guy General Manager

here they are all together ,,,,

easy tweets


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