Winding down

Posted on: April 30, 2014

Posting a little early for Thursday
We are winding down in our email blitz campaign to ABC’s Affiliate Department.
Below is a list of more employees within this department.
By sending them all emails regarding our desire for a soapy daytime we are ensuring
that AMC, OLTL, and GH are a topic of conversation in their meetings, conversations, etc.

So, let’s give them all something to talk about!!
Alida Carmona Coordinator (NY)
Michelle Varona Director, Operations
Eldwin Maynor Associate Director
Pamela Rumps Associate Director
Cindy Smythe Director of Administration
Dwight Johnson Coordinator
John So Director of Business Planning
Gloria Lee Vice President
Peter Noll Director (West Region)
Amy Lynd Marketing Representative (West Region)
Jason Thompson Developer/Technical/Production
Nick Mayer District Representative (Southeast Region)
Melissa Martinez-Campo Coordinator

Here they are all together for easier tasking 🙂
BCC: , , ,, , , ,, ,,, ,

Be sure to tune in tomorrow, we have an easy task and something for the weekend to be posted after 9pm est.


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