A little bit of catch up!

Posted on: April 29, 2014

Hey guys, I apologize, I forgot to post Monday and Tuesday’s task here
so I am going to post them all together here.
(you will be able to use the same letter basically)

Last week we reached out to John Rouse, Sr. Vice President of Affiliate Relations and Marketing. We reminded him how much fans love GH and want AMC and OLTL back when the rights are back with ABC. We expressed how the cancellations have impacted our viewing habits of ABC. It is our desire for this situation to be addressed in the upcoming Affiliate Meeting.

Today we will reach out to John’s assistants to make sure that John Rouse is getting our messages and to ask them to please pass along our request to have this important issue added to the meeting’s agenda.

Leticia Dominguez
Executive Assistant

Amy Kent
Dept. Assistant

We recently reached out to the VP’s of Station Relations (Susi D’Ambra-Coplan, Kathleen Von der Ahe, and Ben DeVita). Now we are going to reach out to the next level- the directors. Please send each an email regarding your desire for a soapy daytime. We need to ensure that they are aware of how much we want GH to stay on the schedule and that we hope ABC has plans to add AMC and OLTL back to the lineup once the rights have reverted back. Make sure to urge them to discuss this situation at the upcoming Affiliates Meeting.

Phinel Petit Frere
Associate Director – Northeast Region

Brandon Dickerson
Director – Western Region

Chiara Wimberly
Associate Director- Southeast Region

And Wednesday’s
Now that we’ve reached out to the VP’s and Directors of Station Relations, it’s time for the District Representatives . Please send each an email regarding how much having soaps as a part of the daytime lineup means to you. We need to make sure that they are talking to the rest of the department about this situation and that it gets added to the Affiliate Meeting agenda.
Kaysi Cabreja District Representative – Northeast Region
Katie Reese District Representative – Western Region
Stevie Sharpe-Jones District Representative – Southeast Region

Here they are all together,,


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