I think I love you

Posted on: April 24, 2014

We love all of you that took time out yesterday to let the VP’s of ABC Station Relations know how much we LOVE our soapy daytime.  If we keep at it they won’t just think we love our soaps, they will know it without a doubt.

Here’s a soapy little treat to get you inspired to work on the task!

There are three people responsible for negotiating Network/Affiliate agreements for the ABC stations; managing Station Relations team to ensure top quality client service; working closely with Sales, Research, Operations, and Digital teams to ensure all client/network goals are met; and act as department liaisons with ABC News.

We want to have as many fans reach out to them over the next 3 days to make sure they realize how strong the fanbase for soap operas is. We need to reiterate that we have decreased our viewing habits of our local ABC affiliate due to the decrease of soaps in daytime. This has impacted our viewing habits of more than just daytime programing- it has changed our viewing habits of news and primetime as well. We the fans are aware of the impact that affiliates have felt due to the changes. Let’s remind these three that The Revolution, Good Afternoon America, and Katie have all FAILED. Removing AMC and OLTL from the lineup has hurt affiliates. We the fans are ready to recommit to ABC once an emphasis is put back on a soapy daytime. We want to ensure that GH stays in the lineup and gain a commitment that once ABC has the rights to AMC and OLTL back the shows will be put back on the daytime lineup.

So, between now and Friday we ask that you email each of the three people below. You can either email each person separately or jointly. If you know the email address of your local affiliate please feel free to cc them on the emails. Feel free to send one a day if you’d like. The important thing is that you send at least one email by end of day Friday. Friday night we will post special fax numbers and phone numbers that you can use to send faxes and leave messages regarding the upcoming meeting. We don’t want to disrupt daily work so that is why we will task that after hours and on weekends. Next week we have more affiliate related contacts. Between now and the affiliate meeting the players will hear from fans loud and clear- we want our SOAPS! Susi D’Ambra-Coplan Vice President, Northeast Region Kathleen Von der Ahe Vice President – Western Region Ben DeVita Vice President – Southeast Region

Email TO:;;


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