Affiliate meeting

Posted on: April 21, 2014

In one month a very important meeting is taking place- the ABC Affiliate Meeting.
Besides the soap fans the other group that is upset and still feeling the effects of the cancellations are the affiliates.
Now is the time for them to voice their opinions as Ben Sherwood will be there hearing everything that is said.
He will be formulating opinions for the future of daytime.
We have a whole new set of contacts- the precise contacts we need to voice concern and we will start working on them today. Please make sure to voice your opinion and hopes for the future. This includes voicing desire for GH to stay on the lineup. During the week we will have email campaigns to key affiliate players and on weekends we will have fax numbers along with phone numbers for us to leave messages. We are about to launch a month long campaign to ensure that the future of the soaps and their dedicated fanbase is a hot topic at this meeting!

For today we are going to contact John Rouse, As senior vice president of Affiliate Relations, John Rouse oversees all affiliate relations activities and departments for ABC, including station relations, affiliate marketing, affiliate operations and affiliate research and development. In order to maximize the distribution of ABC, he negotiates affiliation agreements as well as collaborative programming, promotional, operational and digital initiatives with the 230 ABC affiliated and owned stations throughout the United States.
Today we are going to reach out to John and let him know how much we love soapy daytime programing and that we want to ensure that GH is on ABC’s various affiliates for years to come and that we want AMC and OLTL back in the lineup as soon as ABC regains the rights to the shows. Let’s let him know that when ABC was a fully soapy daytime we watched the channel all day long including the local affiliate news. But the current lineup has us checking out other stations for programming. Urge John to add this situation to the agenda for the affiliates meeting next month.
Email TO:


4 Responses to "Affiliate meeting"

Where can we go to read all of the comments? And talk with each other.

what do you mean? All of what comments? To the affiliate in this task?
Most of the people following these tasks are on fb, you were at one point a member
of my fb page, are you still?

Ok, I did the task for today, and will continue to do all task in the future. Thank you very much for the e-mail. Susan

thank you Susan!! If you know of others who will help please ask them to do it as well!

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