Brian Frons is in talks to host a new talk show on ABC in 2015

Posted on: April 1, 2014

NOT! April Fool’s!
Scarily though- something horribly bad isn’t a definite no. With a new head of ABC programming who completely oversees Daytime (Brian Frons’ position was never replaced) we need to be on our toes. So, let’s spend today leaving comments regarding how much we appreciate GH on the daytime lineup and we hope one day AMC and OLTL will join it once again. We also have a few easy tweets to keep Ben feeling pro-soap vibes via social media.

Easy tweet


General Hospital comment line: 323-671-4583
and the comment form
Hit programming feedback and choose General Hospital


9 Responses to "Brian Frons is in talks to host a new talk show on ABC in 2015"

I wish him all the luck in the world. No one will ever watch him. We know he loves talk shows. He has not learned how all of us who love and miss our shows despise him. This will be the biggest flop in history.

I hope he does not get it, We don’t need anymore talk shows and let Mr. Brian Fronz have the feeling of being unemployed.

It was an April fools joke. If you wiylf have read the task you would have seen that

It was an APRIL FOOLS joke, but the situation we are in is not, please take time to read the rest of the task and let Ben know we want a soapy daytime line up

I did it and all but one task about two weeks ago and still doing tweets.Si I am listening.

Dear Mr Sherwood, if Brian Frons does a talk show on abc, after he was the one, who cancelled all my children and one life to live, And he ends up in the GH spot, getting rid of GH, I promise my son and myself will never tune into abc again. Right now, we tune into GH only. There are millions of fans, that want the daytime line up, to be all my children, one life to live, and General Hospital. You really need to listen to the fans. Don’t you realize, that since the soaps were cancelled, that abc, has been going down hill? Your a smart guy Mr Sherwood, if you want abc to return to the glory days, then you need to bring love in the afternoon back again. Millions of fangs dispice Brian Frons, for what he did. Do you really think anybody is going to watch, anything that he is on? . Please don’t let this happen. Sincerely. Susan and John Tenentes

Susan if you would have read more than the title you would have seen that this was an April fools joke. But the situation we are in is no joke so please take the time and read the task

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