Another day and another way…..

Posted on: March 26, 2014

To reach Ben Sherwood! Today is SUPER easy. We want to send Ben one of those HUGE cards full of pasted screenshots of soap fans wishing him congratulations. Imagine his face when that arrives on his desk. The way to make this hugely impactful is to have it overflowing with comments from SOAP fans. So, leave a congrats message below in the comments. We will print and paste it on the card.

Next step, go find other soap fans (AMC, OLTL, and/or GH) to leave messages as well. Post this request on your FB page, encourage others, etc. How many messages can we get in the next 48 hours???


41 Responses to "Another day and another way….."

Congratulations! I hope you will enjoy many productive years at ABC. I’m a HUGE fan of OLTL, AMC and GENERAL HOSPITAL. I hope you will consider putting OLTL and AMC back in your daytime lineup. It would be a great success and all of their many fans would be VERY appreciative. Thank you.

On behalf of my 800+ member Facebook group ABC Bring Back “Love in the Afternoon”, I want to congratulate you on your recent promotion at Disney/ABC. I hope you will look past the cookie cutter, boring and stale news and talk show offerings and restore the luster of ABC Daytime by bringing back our beloved soaps. Americans have and will always love dram whether it is daytime or primetime. it is well past time formABC to re-enter the fray!!!

Congrats Ben! I am super excited for you at ABC! Looking forward to positive change like bringing back our favorite ABC Soaps AMC and OLTL!

Congratulations, Mr. Sherwood on your new position with ABC.

Please consider the millions of loyal viewers of AMC/OLTL when you make programming decisions. We would love to RETURN to ABC and that will only happen WHEN AMC/OLTL RETURN to bring us lots of LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON!

I have not watched ABC since AMC/OLTL were taken off the air!

Melody O’Connor
Lodi, CA

Ben I hope you use your new position in ABC wisely, and on behalf every fan of Soaps and ABC I hope you would help in returning OLTL and AMC to ABC and bring them back on the air. We will all be eternally great full to ABC, and more viewers will join in.

Congratulations on your position with ABC. I love AMC and OLTL and can’t wait to see them on ABC again. I watch GH everyday and would love to be able to see all my old family again, as that is how I see the soaps as extended family.

Thank you,
Sheila Carpenter
Ludington MI.

Congrats on your position! That is great Mr. Sherwood I wish you luck please consider bringing back all my children and one life to live to daytime as I miss them so much I have watched them since the early 80s the same for general hospital so please consider it thanks

Congratulations, Mr. Sherwood, on your new position at ABC.
Shirley Miller
Casselberry, Florida

Congratulations, Mr. Sherwood on your new position. I understand you will be looking for new ways to increase ratings in the Daytime lineup at ABC. I hope you will bring back what millions of viewers are waiting for- All My Children and One LIfe to Live! This will also restore the Primetime ratings since millions of viewers have boycotted ABC shows when AMC and OLTL were cancelled.
Aside from General Hospital I have stopped watching all other ABC shows that I previously enjoyed.
Thank you for your time.
Lori Oakes

Congratulations, Mr. Sherwood on your new position at ABC. I and millions of other soap fans would love it if AMC and OLTL were brought back. A thirty-minute format of each show would be an excellent way to begin if needed.
Gina Pappani
Watsonville, CA

Many congratulations, Mr. Sherwood, on you new position with ABC! It would be really appreciated, if AMC and OLTL were brought back on the air. I’ve watched them faithfully, since 1971… I, along with so many others, was so disappointed with their cancellation. These actors and actresses had become like family… invited into my home every day. It is my understanding, that the replacement shows are doing quite poorly in the ratings. Very understandable, since they are not what we viewers want to see. Anything you can do to return our soaps to us, would be so wonderful!
Sylvia Koehnlein
Hilton, NY

Dear Ben Sherwood, congratulations, I am a soap opera fan, for over 40 years now. I watched it with my mother, and now I watch it with my 23 year old son. The Cators are part of our family , and we miss them very much. When Brian Frons cancelled all my children, and one life to live in 2011 , my son and myself have not watched anything on ABC, except GH, then we turn the TV off. I understand you don’t like the soap operas, so if you take GH off of ABC, we will not be watching ABC anymore. We don’t watch ABC at night anymore either. If ABC does not care about the fans, then why should we care about you? Since the soaps have gone off the air, ABC has gone down in the ratings. The only reason the chew has only ratings at all, is because there is no commercial in between the chew, and GH, that is not fair at all. Please bring back our soaps, and Myself and my son, along with most people, will be happy to come back to ABC again. I know your a good businessman, so do the right thing, and bring back love in the afternoon. Sincerely. Susan and John Tenentes

Susan, I corrected the typos in your message to Ben I hope you don’t mind. I have a question though, you said “The caters are a part of our family” I’m thinking that caters is a typo, if so what did you mean to say and I will fix it.

I meant the actors, not caters. It was a typo. Sorry

No problem I will correct it 🙂

Mr. Sherwood welcome to ABC and the greatness you can bring to ABC.How about showing CBS who the real high rating afternoons can be.Make it Love In The Afternoon with AMC, OLTL and Gh. WOW what a winner that would be.Rating would soar and so will you.

Huge Congratulations to you! I hope you will enjoy many productive years at ABC. I’m a HUGE fan of OLTL, AMC and GENERAL HOSPITAL. I hope you will highly consider putting OLTL and AMC back in your daytime lineup. It would be a great success and all of their many fans would be VERY appreciative. Thank you.

Congratulations on your new position! I hope you make the first order of business to bring back OLTL and AMC! I still watch GH as i have for almost 30 years, but I really miss my favorite OLTL and AMC. The millions of soap fans would come back to ABC Daytime and ratings would soar! They say that the soap genre is on the rise, but i say it never left…they just weren’t counting correctly!

Congratulations again and thanks for your consideration!

Lynette Binning

Congratulation on your new poition Mr Sherwood! You could be the savior we have been waiting for! My family and I have boycotted every show except General Hospital, on abc since All My Children & One life to Live were cancelled.. I miss Modern Family & Dancing with the Stars but I will not return until Erica Kane & Victoria Lord/Nikki Smith do! You know the ratings were not tabulated correctly, since everyone watches later in the evening now, the neilsons have finally seen the error of their ways!

Congratulations again and we look forward to seeing great things from you! You can save Daytime (anytime) on abc!

Nancy Wilson
Milwaukee, WI

Dear Mr. Ben Sherwood,

I wanted to take a moment to say congrats on getting your promotion within the ABC Family! I would like to say a little about myself…the main thing being that I have been a huge ABC Soap fan for the last 14 years of my 22 year life! (You can do the math. 😉 GH is still putting out good shows…but ABC’s Daytime Lineup is still missing something… “All My Children”, and my all-time favorite show, “One Life To Live”. I’m not sure if you know, but previous leaders simply made the faulty assumption that nobody was watching soaps and what not. But they were wrong…ABC booting the soaps killed what remained of “Love In the Afternoon” and now still has that void. But you can do something about it! Please, don’t let AMC and OLTL go back on the shelf to collect dust!!! These shows still mean sooo much to sooo many people!!! And if you (and ABC) are willing to work with us (the fans), we can make these shows bigger, and better than before!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please consider your options in regards to “All My Children” and “One Life To Live”. Have yourself a terrific, soapy day!!!

Justin D. Brockwell
Lawrenceville, VA

Congratulations on your new job at abc. Abc use to be the best network. I hope you can make it the best network again. Since 2011, when all my children and one life to live were cancelled, abc has been growing down rapidly. The only way to bring it back to its glory days, would to bring back all my children and one life to live, and keep GH on your daytime line up. I have not watched anything on abc since 2011, except GH. I use to watch these iconic soap operas when I was in Jr high school, that was 40 years ago. I use to run home from school, to watch them with my mother . Now I watch them with my 23 year old son, who also has been watching them since Jr high school. It’s so nice to have this bond with my son, just as I had with my own mother. The actors are a part of my family, and I love them very much, and my son and myself, miss them so very much. If you bring our soaps back to abc, my son and myself, will be very happy to come back to abc again, and many fans will come back again also. I know you want to bring back the network to the way it use to be. So do the right thing, and make the viewers happy again. Sincerely Susan and my son john Tenentes

Dear Mr. Sherwood,
Congratulations on your new job. Please consider restarting One Life To Live and All My Children on ABC. The fan loyalty and devotion to these shows are unprecedented. I’m sure there are ways to make this type of commitment profitable. There are millions of fans – some working to re-establish the shows and many more “closeted”. Many of us and our families have boycotted ABC since the shows were canceled. Imagine the TV history you could make by bringing them back!
Good luck,

Congrats on your New position at ABC! How exciting that has to be for you. How about making some exciting news for the Fans of One Life To Life and All My Children if/when you get the rights back to both shows. How you may ask? Well by bringing both shows back to ABC and bringing back your viewship. In case you didn’t know it, the soap fans are the ones who helped Hoover make the decision to pull their sponsorship from ABC daytime when the soaps was taken of the air. Again Congrats!

On behalf of our nearly 1200 members at Facebook of the GH Fan Club I say Congrats on your new position and hope that you KEEP daytime and soaps alive on ABC. I am over 60 and have been watching over 40 years..PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL GH.. We love our escape from reality every day. Thanks so much..
Carol Dee
Battle Creek Michigan

Please keep the last soap on TV! People are tired of reality TV AND THE TALK SHOWS BEING FORCED DOWN OUR THROATS! I wanna see some real acting.

Dear Ben Sherwood,
Congratulations on your appointment.For many years I worked at our two Florida real estate offices. Well I am retired hooray.Love GH so much would love to have an “Afternoon Of Delight” on ABC.All My Children, One Life To Live and then General Hospital.WOW would that knock CBS out of the day time ratings. It was a four generation TV watching so all of the new generation would love to see a quality afternoon on ABC! I remember back to the beginning with Dr Hardy (so excited about him) Now my grand daughter watches with her daughter be cause (excited by DR Silas) So ABC great afternoon of Afternoon delight would go on..Thanks Ben for reading this.
Cindy Clark

Congrats Mr. Sherwood on your new position at ABC. I hope now that you are going to be the new man in charge that you and ABC will see that value of your Daytime viewers and final start to listen when we say we want All My Children and One Life to Live back on ABC afternoons.. You have a very loyal fan base with Soap fans of these 2 Shows as will as fans of General Hospital. Make ABC number 1 again in the ratings and bring more dramas back to ABC. Thank you.

Both my wife and I have been long time views of all of the ABC Soaps. We greatly miss AMC and OLTL from ABC daytime lineup, please urge all Management at ABC/Disney to settle the lawsuit with Prospect Park and bring AMC and OLTL back. Help Management realize they made a huge mistake by cancelling these great Shows.

Dear Mr. Sherwood,
Congratulations on your new job. Hope you will look at the current state of ABC’s daytime ratings and see that the cancellation of All My Children and One Life to Live has cause the ABC Network to drop in the ratings to number 4. Please keep the Daytime drama, General Hospital, the only ABC Soap has left on the air. And please work to win the lawsuit with Prospect Park and bring AMC and OLTL back to the millions of ABC daytime viewers who miss them.

Dear Mr. Ben Sherwood,
Congrats on your new position at the ABC Network. This is a big responsibility to the Network and also to millions of ABC viewers. I hope you will work hard to correct the many mistakes that have been made at the ABC Network over the past couple of years. ABC’s daytime ratings have dropped since Frons cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live. ABC has to realize in order for ratings to increase you must keep General Hospital AND bring back AMC and OLTL. Please for all of the fans of these historic Shows please work out a solution to the lawsuit with PP and regain the rights to AMC and OLTL. We want our Shows on ABC. Congrats again and good luck.
Tina Block,
Chicago, Illinois

Ben Sherwood,
As a long time viewer of ABC daytime dramas I want to express my congratulations to you on your promotion to head of ABC television. My only hope is that you and your management team at ABC will finally see the light and will renew General Hospital for not only next year but for many years to come. I am also hoping against all hope that some how ABC will figure out a way to return All My Children and One Life to Live to it’s former glory!! Currently I am only watching General Hospital on ABC, I would love to once again become a loyal ALL DAY viewer of ABC.
Barbara Glenn

Ben, Welcome to the head of ABC Television!!! I am hoping you can do a better job than the Management group of Sweeney/Fron. I am hoping you will see that viewers want original daytime dramas like General Hospital, All My Children and One Life to Live. People want to escape for a few hours each day and watch good storytelling NOT more talk Shows rehashing old news. Please keep drama on ABC Daytime. Thank you and best of luck.

Now that you will soon be in charge at ABC Television I want to ask you to please DO NOT cancel General Hospital!!! I love watching orginal programming on daytime TV and I am so sick of talk and reality Shows during the day. I really enjoy General Hospital every day and only wish that All My Children and One Life to Live could some how return.
Much luck to you Mr. Sherwood…….Here’s to you bringing better programming to ABC daytime. Let’s hope ABC can settle the Prospect Park lawsuit quickly.
Kathy Wright,
Milwaukee, Wisc.

Mr. Ben Sherwood, I want to send my best wishes on your new upcoming position at ABC. I used to be a faithful viewer of all ABC Shows from Good Morning America ending with Nightline. But now except for General Hospital I have stopped watching all of the ABC shows that I formerly watched. I believe when ABC cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live it was because ABC no longer CARED WHAT SHOWS it’s viewers want to to see. When ABC stopped caring about Us your viewers is when I decided to stop watching ABC except for General Hospital. Do you in your new position want to bring veiwers back to ABC, then work to bring more drama to daytime ABC, work to bring AMC and OLTL back to ABC, then watch ABC ratings soar.

BIG CONGRATS to you Mr. Sherwood on being promoted to the head of ABC television!! NOW if you could promise the veiwers that you will make ABC better, no great again I would truly be happy. Start by renewing General Hospital for a multi-years and then next bring AMC and OLTL to ABC daytime!! Thanks in advance.
Loreen and Mary Green

Dear Mr. Sherwood,
We want to wish you much success on your new position at ABC/Disney. Hopefully you can return ABC to its former glory. In our house we have been boycotting ABC since the cancellation of All My Children and One Life to Live, except General Hospital. I starting watch these Shows with my mother and grandmother and then as the years went by I continued to watch with my son and daughters. We would watch these great Shows then debate the different stories each day among ourselves and friends who also watch them. Please correct the wrongfully cancellations and bring more drama back to ABC daytime. AND get rid of some of the talk shows that have become all so boring!! Good Luck trying to bring ABC out of cellar of the ratings. Hopefully we can once again be proud to say we are loyal ABC veiwers.
Amanda and Joe
Belle Vernon, PA

Congratulations and welcome to ABC daytime! General Hospital is fantastic and I have been watching it for over 25 years. Keep up the good work. I really miss my One Life to Live and All My Children. Afternoons on ABC have not been the same since they were cancelled. Hopefully, you will make all our soap fans happy and return them to your daytime lineup. Thanks Kim

Dear Mr. Ben Sherwood,
Congratulations on your promotion. It looks like your future will be bright with ABC/Disney. Please help brighten up the ABC daytime by keeping General Hospital for many years to come and to fight for the return of All My Children and One Life to Live. ABC should be able to see from the ratings slide of the “Katie” Show that daytime ABC veiwers do not want more talk show but want great stories with their beloved characters. When ABC wins the lawsuit with Prospect Park and the rights to AMC and OLTL return to ABC please, please return these Shows to all of their glory. Thank you so much in advance and good luck in your new position.
Lisa Stuben

Mr. Sherwood your new position brings great responsibility but you are up to the task. You can put ABC Daytime back on the map BIGGER & BETTER by bringing back “Love In The Afternoon” with GH OLTL & AMC front & center! No more daytime talk & cooking – viewers wants soaps! Wholesome romance, not porn – family dynamics, mystery, intrigue, core families! Primetime hits are all serial dramas! Dallas, Downton Abbey are prime examples! Great serial dramas are what viewers want! You can do it!

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