Changing of the Guard

Posted on: March 25, 2014

Yesterday it was announced that Ben Sherwood will be replacing Anne Sweeney as Co-Chairman of Disney Media Networks and president of Disney/ABC Television Group.His expertise lies in news where he was president of ABC News. He helped ABC’s Good Morning America overtake the Today Show in ratings thus ending their winning streak. But he was also the brains behind the failed Good Afternoon America.

In his new role Ben will be out to prove he is the right person for the job. He will be working on a strategy to make daytime even better in the ratings. Now is our chance to influence his opinion on where soap operas fall in this mix.We need to illustrate just how strong and loyal the soap fanbase is and that keeping GH on the air along with watching for the opportunity to bring AMC and OLTL back to network television as well. We need to keep in mind that nothing can be done with the rights to the shows until the lawsuit is settled. We firmly believe that one way or another the rights will revert back to ABC at some point. While this will take a bit of time so will the timing for Ben to fully take over the daytime alignment. Anne will not be leaving until January 2015 so the timing could line up nicely. And this gives us almost a year to demonstrate how important soaps are to daytime.


This is going to be done using multiple mediums. Today we are going to lay some groundwork by sending Ben congratulatory emails. Please include a bit about yourself and what kind of daytime viewer you are. Detail how many years you have been a soap fan and how the cancellations of AMC and OLTL have impacted your viewership of ABC programming. It is important to stress that you are monitoring the lawsuit with PP and are ready to be an active viewer once AMC and OLTL are restored to the ABC daytime lineup. Viewership of soap operas are once again on the rise and you can remind him of this fact by including the link to this article.
In order for this to make an impact and have him take active notice we need more than just 5-10 people tasking. Please help get your friends and family involved. Ben will bring changes to ABC daytime with a new vision. We can help ensure soaps are part of this but only if we have a loud unified voice. His leadership will impact the future of GH as well (don’t forget they were on the chopping block previously as well) so make sure GH fans are joining in as well! As we said, this will be a multi-channel effort. Stay tuned as we will be rolling out other ways to make our voice known to Ben.


While Globe and Celebrity Dirty Laundry and touting that AMC and OLTL are dead and buried we know for a fact this is NOT true. ABC tried unsuccessfully to undo the deal with PP previously because they wanted to bring them back. As soon as PP put them on hold indefinitely our contacts inside ABC confirmed that they want the shows back. However, they cannot come out publicly due to the lawsuit. Now is the time to make sure that the pro-soap momentum continues with Ben. It’s time to show everyone that AMC and OLTL most certainly can come back from the dead once again!

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