Ilene Kristen back on GH & GH’s 13,000th episode

Posted on: February 24, 2014

Today the 13,000 episode of GH airs.
What’s even more exciting is that Tuesday-Friday Ilene Kristen (OLTL’s Roxy)
will be on GH as her Ryan’s Hope character.

Let’s tweet and leave comments congratulating the show on the milestone
and let them know we will be tuning in tomorrow to see Ilene!

This reiterates how much pull AMC and OLTL characters have on fans/viewers.

to Ron

To Frank

To General Hospital

and the comment line

If you are not a GH fan I would still like you to do this task as it really isn’t about their milestone, it is about Ilene Kristen being on
so here is an easy tweet you might prefer  feel free to leave the same message on the comment form.

Also please share with your friends that she will be on 🙂 thx


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