Let’s Go Full Circle

Posted on: February 19, 2014

In 1995 soap fans had their soaps yanked away as all eyes turned to the OJ Simpson trial.
Once the trial was over the soaps didn’t return to their previous dominating numbers and
networks had learned that people would watch inexpensively made reality television.
This started the reduction of the soap genre.

Well now it’s time to reach out to Court TV and urge them to cover the PP/ABC court case.
This would give our shows quite a bit of publicity along with shining a light on this issue to
help prevent either side from shying away from commitments/statements that they make in that courtroom.

When sending your email(s) please include some of the following:
1. The fact that soap fans are following this court case currently through social and soap media.
Court TV is just missing out on an opportunity that already has a dedicated audience.

2. This is being covered currently in articles such as,,, etc.

3. Fans are weighing in everywhere including

4. Fans find the website created about the presiding judge to add even more soapy drama (

5. The OJ Simpson trial started the decline of the soap genre. Coverage of this court case could help swing it the other way.
This is historic.

6. Add in some fun commentary/interviews with cast members of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live”
that played attorneys on the show could provide humor and entertainment.

Email To:

Nancy Grace Attorney/Tv


Anthony Horn Senior Vice President, Current Programming and Specials


3 Responses to "Let’s Go Full Circle"

Hi, Just a note about this last task. It’s not called Court TV. The network checked it’s name several years ago. It’s called Tru Tv now. Great idea!!!

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Rusty we are talking about the genre of court tv not the channel 🙂

Frank/Fred/Jake or whatever else you call yourself I am sorry your life is so shitty that the only thing you can do to make yourself feel good is to throw insults and profanity at others. If I could I would suspend your account like youtube did! But since I am unable, this is your last warning, stop the rude, nasty comments or I am going to put them out there for all to see, including the actors from our shows and include your email so they can reply! You say you are a soap fan, yet come here and spew hate, I do not understand the reason, If you wanna give up hope, go for it but I refuse! It is really easy to unfollow a blog, so why don’t you do it?

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