Let’s Connect the Dots….

Posted on: February 12, 2014

From reading some of the comments on this page along
with other places on social media it has become clear
that we should help connect a few dots.

As we shared the judge rejected ABC’s motion to strike PP’s amended lawsuit.
This definitely sends a message to ABC that this is not going to be a cakewalk win for them.
It doesn’t however mean PP is going to walk away victorious either.
So, given the fact that this seems to be heading to trial where a judge or jury will decide
basically who gets the rights to our beloved shows we really need to make the most use
of the short time we have before March 13th when there will be a case management meeting with the judge.

We are tasking to ABC to urge them to take this latest decision by the judge
as a sign to find an amicable way to settle the issues with PP.
You may be asking yourself why especially if you are in the camp where you are
fine with whoever gets the rights to the shows.

Well let’s give you a bad scenario that COULD happen (we are NOT saying this will happen):
The judge/jury could decide to side with ABC regarding the monetary settlement and not provide PP with any financial gain.
But, in the same breath could extend the licensing rights to PP.
This would mean that PP wouldn’t have the financial means to continue on with the shows
but ABC who would have the financial ability to bring the shows back would not have the rights needed to do so.
This would leave the shows shelved indefinitely creating a lose/lose situation for all involved.
Thus we want to task.
Tasking reiterates to ABC what they are already thinking-
this could go very bad for us if we just try to have it worked out in a courtroom.
It also shows ABC how strong a fanbase that these shows still have and that by working things out
they could financially benefit.

BUT- this means that the fans need to be tasking in force.
Receiving a couple of emails will not prove anything- actually it could send a message
that the fans are done and no longer interested in the shows.
ABC tried to get the rights back from PP because the volume of fan calls and emails was so huge.
But they may be rethinking what to do with the shows if they get them back based on the weak response from fans.

So, don’t just comment on a FB post, “I want my shows back” or “I miss my shows”
because doing only that proves you don’t really want them back.
Wanting them back means letting the powers that be know what you want and
that if they value your viewership then they need to do what they need to do to win you back.

And, if you are one that is “over it” or feel that this is a hopeless cause we are so confused by you.
Why would you consistently belong to and read social media pages regarding something you are
not interested in and yet then feel the need to take time and comment? Isn’t that a waste of time?
Before you comment please think- would I appreciate someone coming to my personal FB page
and being antagonistic towards something I believe in or am passionate about?

Lastly, when the shows were first cancelled people said it was hopeless.
When PP shelved the project the first time people said to give it up.
Well we didn’t and we were right- the final story wasn’t written for AMC and OLTL.
And they can come back again. Actors have publicly stated this including Erika Slezak.

So, who’s in it to win it?
If you are then please task. It will only take a few minutes.,,,,,,,


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