And the final 2 are….OLTL and DOOL

Posted on: January 29, 2014

Wow, now that is what I call a close race, AMC and OLTL were neck and neck, back and forth all day!!
OLTL came out ahead though, 51.06% vs. 49.94% Congratulations!
NOW it is time to get down and dirty folks, we HAVE to make sure that DOOL does NOT beat OLTL.
So regardless if you are an AMC, GH or OLTL fan we have to hit this poll hard!!!

It posted yesterday at 9am est. So as soon as you are able, start voting!! Let’s show them what we are made of!!


5 Responses to "And the final 2 are….OLTL and DOOL"

Days of our lives is the other finalist

yes Sharon, that is what DOOL stands for

I know what Dool stands +for since that is the soap I currently watch in lieu of my beloved AMC. The reason that I sent the comment was the e-mail that I received indicated that:
And the final 2 are….OLTL and BB
by helpsaveoursoaps

Oh my fault LOL, I misunderstood. I messed it up when originally posted it but fixed it within minutes wasn’t thinking about the emails 😉

You are my hero for all the hard work and effort you put in to saving our soaps. If I haven’t said it before, a big Thank You!! I take your tasks very seriously.

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