Record number Daytime Emmy submissions

Posted on: January 27, 2014

Record number Daytime Emmy submissions for AMC and OLTL…
something we never heard when ABC was footing the bill.
The last year OLTL was eligible ABC refused to foot the submission bill and
thus only Kassie DePaiva submitted a reel as she had to foot the bill herself.
This year, even though PP has hit snags and is involved in a legal battle regarding AMC and OLTL,
they have made sure that our shows and their casts and crew are recognized for their efforts and contributions this past year.
This is a huge gesture not only to the cast and crew but to the fans as well.
On March 3rd we will see who makes the pre-nom list and then May 1st we will see the final nominations.
This all helps get positive attention for AMC and OLTL.


Regardless of who “wins” the lawsuit this helps show the value that these shows still have and that they have more stories left to tell. Daily we hear about fans that are just now hearing that there is a season of AMC and OLTL available on Hulu.
Think about how many fans will be reached by having these shows a part of the Daytime Emmys?!?!?
We need that fanbase to show the networks, investors, advertisers, etc that there is still a demand for AMC and OLTL.


Did you do the tasks last week regarding the Daytime Emmys?
If not, we plead with you to do so. Regardless of whether you like awards shows, liked the online versions, etc.
Please, do this for the casts and crew that have kept the faith and given it their all to keep these shows and characters alive.
They’ve put their heart and soul into it. Can’t you spare a few minutes?


Additionally, today we are going to thank Prospect Park for supporting these shows/casts/crew by having them submitted for Daytime Emmy consideration. Whether they win any awards they come off as winners by respecting and believing in the talent involved in these shows.,,,


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