Daytime Emmys needs you!

Posted on: January 21, 2014

Hulu was ecstatic with the viewership numbers AMC and OLTL brought them.
They were even considering assisting PP financially with season 2 until Disney urged them to back off.

Lets encourage them to show the Daytime Emmys on Hulu.
This would capture true viewership numbers and give concreted proof that soap fans still exist in large numbers.
It’d also open up the door to getting AMC and OLTL fans that weren’t watching the online episodes to watch them and show more interest.

And look, record number of entries from prospect park!

Please put your request in the post entitled
“Daytime Emmys on Hulu” follow the link below
then look for said post.

Also for those of you that tweet here are a few

or feel free to create your own just use @Hulu 🙂


14 Responses to "Daytime Emmys needs you!"

Daytime Emmys on Hulu

Not sure I understand your comment

This was a great idea! We have got to turn up the heat!

please share it with others 🙂 any soap group, any friends 🙂

Please put the Daytime Emmys on Hulu

Hey hun you have to put your comment to hulu on the actual hulu thread linked in todays task entitled Daytime Emmys on Hulu. thanks

Day time drama is just as great as night time. Even better !!!

Yes it is. Please do the task

Daytime Emmys on Hulu 🙂

Why are you guys posting the title to the thread I requested that you comment on on the hulu discussion thread?

Come on save our soaps once again! Do what is right please! Don’t let us down.

Terri this task is about getting hulu to air the daytime emmys.


Televised or on Hulu either way they need a place to air I agree! And yes I hope the shows win, and the actors that submitted!! Would be fabulous if they walk away with more than all the other shows, like GH did last year. As much as I love GH I think it would be great if AMC and OLTL ran the awards! LOL

Please make sure you do the task Lanell 🙂

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