We Need the Daytime Emmy Publicity!

Posted on: January 20, 2014

 Soap fans need to make sure that the genre is continually in the news to keep it alive and healthy.
AMC and OLTL fans need publicity about these shows even more.
This is why the Daytime Emmy’s are so important.
It has been stated that there are plenty of AMC and OLTL Daytime Emmy submissions for this year
which means several things:
1. Prospect Park must have spent money on submitting the shows/casts/crew for consideration.
The reason that only Kassie DePaiva was nominated during last year’s awards is because the actors
had to pay to submit their reels as ABC wasn’t going to cover the costs for a show it cancelled.
Thus this indicates a level of interest in the shows for the future.
(Additionally, Erika Slezak just commented that the door is not closed on these shows yet.)
2. Airing the Daytime Emmy’s would give fans of the shows an opportunity to see these beloved actors again.
AND- let fans who have been in the dark about the return of the shows to find out and be able to watch season one of the online version. And hopefully find themselves here to stay informed and help task.
3. These actors deserve to have their award show televised.
There recently was an article about the fact that HLN has stated that it is basically
a done deal that they are not going to air this year’s show.
In that article, Sonia Blangiardo talks about the fact that TVGN should air the show.
She says, ““With SOAPnet gone, TVGN saw the value in rebroadcasting ‘Y&R’ and ‘B&B,’ much to the fans’ delight.
They also aired the wonderful documentary ‘Who Shot the Daytime Soap.
I think this would be a perfect home for the Daytime Emmys.”
We agree that this is a good option.
If they continue to get fans tuning into their soap related programming they could partner with PP should they win the lawsuit.
This will not be our only task as we plan on going after other avenues as well.
We are going to email Brad Schwartz, President of Entertainment and Media, TVGN.
He recently stated, “Whether it’s live on the red carpet with the best in the business—Entertainment Tonight,
the youthful and hip daily lifestyle coverage of POPSUGAR, or the in-depth perspective, discussion and access
from The Insider, TVGN has got awards season covered from beginning to end.”
Let’s tell him that if he REALLY wants to have the awards season covered he needs to include the Daytime Emmys!!

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