The typical Soap Fan

Posted on: January 20, 2014

Networks, advertisers, and the general media have this perception of soap fans that is slowly becoming reality.
They feel that when something is out of sight we will fairly quickly lose interest and follow the currently available “shiny object”.
Sadly, we are seeing behavior that is supporting this.

We are seeing a significant decrease in the amount of people who like/comment on a post and
more importantly how many hit the blog for the task. We can see stats on how many even look at the task and it is shrinking.
For those who are tasking on a regular basis we thank you and want to let you know that it is appreciated by us and certain others in the industry who monitor this page.

What’s confusing is that people who decide to be quitters want to publicly rant about the fact that they are quitting.
Nobody who is working/fighting hard for something wants naysayers coming in and bringing negativity.
Especially when in the next breath some of these same people are on social media complaining on how much
they miss their shows and messaging us asking if we’ve heard any news.
If you aren’t part of the solution you are part of the problem.

Jeff Kwatinetz credited the fans with the return of AMC and OLTL as did numerous cast members.
This wasn’t a token gesture. There is a lot of weight behind those words.
Certain tasks that this group participated in were strategically planned with inside intel.
These tasks had the desired effect because it showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a significant fan-base for these shows.

We are noticing that other soap campaign groups are also having lower participation or have stopped tasking/fighting altogether.
There is visible evidence that fans are dwindling. If you are one that is screaming that you are still a fan but don’t want to task anymore please ask yourself how you think this will happen. You can’t vanish when times get tough and expect some sort of magical solution will arise. Some fans are saying that they are ok with just having GH now. What happens when GH gets a cancellation notice? We know ABC had anticipated cancelling it, we know we are losing some of the talented actors that helped the ratings soar, and we don’t know how this lawsuit is going to go. This could spell bad news down the line especially if no pressure is put on them about the genre.

There’s some great positive news about soap viewership being up but this is a slippery slope- it can quickly vanish.
Let’s all remember the story of the tortoise and the hair. We must keep alert and in their faces letting them know we are still here and we aren’t falling for any tricks.

Erika Slezak just recently commented that the door is not yet closed.
She believes that these shows could see another day so if she can see the possibility why can’t you?
The daily tasks normally take 5 minutes or less.
Can’t you find 5 minutes in your day to show that you are a proud soap fan and help out a genre that has entertained you for years?
If you don’t like a particular task skip it and come back the next day.
Have a task idea? Let us know!
Sometimes we have information that we can’t share that may make us not do a task but we welcome new ideas!
Let’s band together and show the media, advertisers, and networks that we know what we want it and won’t stop until we get it.
It worked before and it can definitely work again.
The lawsuit makes our gains slower but we are mounting the groundwork so once there is a resolution these shows can be fast tracked back into production.

We hear from actors involved that while they are taking other jobs to support themselves
they are still very much interested in returning should the opportunity present itself.

So who’s in?
One, two, three, go SOAP FANS!!!!!!!

We are going to hit yesterday’s task again.
Come on, let’s show Brad just how deep this soap fan-base really is!


2 Responses to "The typical Soap Fan"

I don’t always leave a comment saying I’ve done the task(s)….but I am still here and still tasking!

I know hun, and I thank you 🙂

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