New doc filed in lawsuit

Posted on: January 17, 2014

ABC filed a new document to the court on Monday.
This has everyone talking and speculating again.
Those writing about this have attached a date of Mach 2015 as the date that the shows revert back to ABC.
This date is up for interpretation by the court so it isn’t something we should flip out over at this time.
Regardless of what the currently scheduled date is, this court case could completely make it null and void.

What we need to happen is a swift resolution to this lawsuit. Right now we are at a stalemate.
PP doesn’t have the funds to continue and yet has the rights to the shows.
ABC has the means to do something but doesn’t have the rights.
Some keep asking about interest or lack thereof by PP and ABC.
PP needs to “show” interest in order to have a shot at their lawsuit.
ABC on the other hand can’t seem interested as it would give credibility to PP’s assertion
that they tried to sabotage PP’s efforts because they wanted the shows back.
So, don’t take what you read or don’t read at face value.

Let’s look at this- GH just hit 3.55 mil viewers on the 7th which is their highest rating in 6 years
and are ranked first or second in key demographics.
Viewership of soaps are on the rise; especially ABC’s GH.
This is good for us.

So, today we are going to tweet,
call the comment line,  323-671-4583
and use the feedback form
to let ABC know that we are thrilled with GH’s viewership numbers and that we know that with AMC and OLTL added back in the mix that ABC would be a daytime powerhouse.


3 Responses to "New doc filed in lawsuit"

I sure hope AMC and OLTL come back! Afternoons just haven’t been the same. Sure won’t mind if the ‘Chew ‘ is taken off… gave it a fair shot, and it’s the worst! Hope the fact that GH’s numbers are so good, proves that there IS an audience for the Soaps!! Crossing my fingers!!!!!

My comment from the 17th. is still awaiting moderation???? Are people even looking at this site???? What the heck!!!!

Yes I look at it everyday. Sometimes comments dont make it thru moderation for many reasons. a few examples…it was overlooked due to excessive email, has nothing to do with task, was very buzy with other aspects of my life and it got forgotten about, all it says is bring back my shows our something like that. or my favorite reason, because it is basically hate mail. Sorry for overlooking your post.

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