HLN we are thankful

Posted on: January 16, 2014

We have a very easy task today 🙂
HLN’s Albie Hecht had this to say in regards to them not airing the Daytime Emmys this year  “It’s fairly definite,”  the network’s vice president and general manager, tells Soaps In Depth. “I just want to put a pause on everything and figure out what we’re doing before we make any commitments. Shows like [the Daytime Emmys] need commitments in advance to plan and I don’t think we can make that commitment.”
This doesn’t mean that the Daytime Emmys won’t be on television, however. “Having the show on HLN was a wonderful experience for us, says David Michaels, senior executive director of the Daytime Emmy Awards. “We are currently exploring other avenues so that the Daytime Emmys will have a broadcast home.”

So for today I would like for everyone to fill out this comment form thanking them for bringing it to us for the last two years,
for trying to insure they have a broadcast home, but express your disappointment and sadness over them not airing it this year.
Sadness especially due to the fact that AMC and OLTL
are competing this year and now we are not even sure if we will get to watch it!
And that you would love to hear they have changed their minds and will air it.

Who knows, maybe if enough come forward and do this task they might reconsider
or put oit on another of the channels that they own:)

And for those that tweet, here is an easy tweet 🙂

Also just wanted to inform you that there has been another motion filed in the ABC/PP lawsuit.
We are going over the document and will have our take at some point tomorrow.
Here is the article
One thing I would like to address though is the date they put in their article. I do not believe
March of 2015 is correct. I believe that December of this year would be the 18 month
cut off date. I could be wrong though.


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