The ABC/PP Lawsuit Has A New Villain

Posted on: January 12, 2014

Currently PP and ABC continue to meet with a judge on different dates pushing this lawsuit along albeit very slowly.
The next meeting is scheduled for March 13th. What is concerning is the presiding judge. The judge assigned to this case is Robert Hess. Robert Hess is unfortunately known as not being a fair judge; most often siding with defendants. He has been criticized as being prejudice against minorities and women. Regardless of whether you support PP or ABC in this legal battle this news is concerning. There is definitely a possibility that Judge Hess could create a “resolution” that really ties both parties hands into not being able to do anything with the shows. This court case has the opportunity to also create case law regarding the soap genre which could impact potential future cases. Therefore this impacts all fans of the soap genre.

Want to see what some in the legal profession have to say about Judge Robert Hess? Please visit

for those unable to view the website

Now what you are just as irritated as we are it is time to act. Today we contact the Los Angeles Superior Court expressing our concern that a judge with known partiality issues is overseeing this case. This email needs to be done ONE time and please keep it professional and without threats. Once you send your email please help us get the word out to ALL other soap fans. We will be doing other tasks regarding this situation but this is step one. We need an impartial judge to oversee this case so that a fair resolution is reached.

have taken off the email for this as we have gotten a response, and are looking into see what’s next.


12 Responses to "The ABC/PP Lawsuit Has A New Villain"

When I hit link for Judge Robert Hess , FB says there is no such page?

i believe lots of people are hitting it and that is why you were unable to view. it is not a fb page, it is a website, i just hit the link and it is working fine

no pages

what do you mean no pages Laura?

I don’t see the point.?This mess was created because RC/FV just had to have those 3 OLTL people on GH, and I say let them deal with it. The first thing ABC needs to do is fire RC and FV.than start with a clean slate.

Please read the verbiage to this post, the point is included therein

I am not sure pissing off the judge is a very good idea.

We are not emailing the judge, we have legit reason to be worried and have every right to voice this fear. Whether you are for ABC or PP they both deserve a fair judgement, not one that is brought forth by a known corrupt judge. He has been openly discriminating against women and for a lawsuit regarding soap operas this cannot bode well. I’ve asked that people be respectful in their emails. If you are uncomfortable with the task it’s ok we will have a non-contact the courthouse task tomorrow just spend this time getting the word out about the judge and the repercussions. thx

Done! But, is it possible to have a “sample” of something that has been sent? Maybe that will help others “word” their emails to Ms. Carter?

They need to be different, if there is an example in this case they may think they are all from one person so I am sorry but I cannot in this case. All I can say is be very respectful, keep it short and sweet, express your concerns about the judge trying the case.

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