A little insight

Posted on: January 8, 2014

In a recent newsletter by Jerry VerDorn  he shared a little insight 🙂
It read,
Q: Dear Jerry:
With One Life to Live and All My Children on a “break”
do they still have to pay for the studio with all the props and stuff?
Are the props rented out to other productions? C.J. McKenna
A: OLTL and AMC sets are in storage along with props, etc. waiting for what comes next.
Tell Hulu you want to see more episodes.

Hulu was the key last time and we know Disney put pressure on Hulu to back away
so let’s put pressure back on Hulu. Let them know you are a soap fan and like to support
companies that are favorable to that. You utilized Hulu more or for the first time because
of AMC and OLTL. With talk of them being pushed by Disney to back away from supporting PP
and ABC/Disney’s delay in providing new GH episodes you are wondering if you should begin to push Hulu away.

Please leave your comments on the discussion board entitled
All My Children & One Life to Live via PP on Hulu.
As of this posting it is the first thread under Hulu’s pinned posts
in the general discussion thread below

Send an email to:

And hit the Hulu support form

you can also call their customer support line toll free


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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

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