Today is the day!

Posted on: January 5, 2014

As you are aware ABC is making it difficult for fans to catch up on GH if you miss an episode.
We all have experienced that horror when you realize you forgot to record it,
you lost power, or some local newsworthy event happens and the show is preempted.
Plus some fans have been using the one day delay online viewing as their way of watching the show.
This change could affect viewership numbers and jeopardize GH.(and if GH goes we will never get
our shows back on ABC)

So I need everyone to go to Check to see if your cable provider is listed.
If it is, are there any other local cable companies for your area not listed?
If “your” cable provider is not on this list, please call WATCH ABC Customer Care at 800-230-0229.

Let them know you are not happy that you are being excluded from watching GH.
They are going to tell you to fill out the request form to your cable provider.
Feel free to explain that your lack of being able to watch on Soapnet or
ABC’s website is not your provider’s fault.
You can also tell them things like, you do not have Internet,
do not have cable that has on demand options, or do not have cable period.

The important thing is that you make them hear you that taking off Soapnet
and removing it from as a free next day online option was a mistake
and you want a free option to watch if you miss it live!

Please post your experience with customer care below the task on FB
so we can all see how this is going.

It is important to keep ABC feeling the presence and pressure from soap fans.
So I need everyone to call!! It is a 1-800 number so it will not cost you a dime,
just a few moments of your time. There needs to be an overwhelming response
to this task, only 10 or 15 calls will not be good for our cause, so have everyone you
know who will call, call. Share this with other soap fans and other groups!
Heck, change your voice and call more than once!! 🙂


5 Responses to "Today is the day!"

I have a shared internet in my apt building… I don’t have an internet account. I wonder if I can still watch soaps on I hope so. I don’t want to go back to vcr taping.

If you have one of the service providers listed you will have next day access, if not you will have to wait a week to view

You people are brainless idiots. Havent you heard of the dvr!!!!????? If you guys had a little common sense, maybe if there werent a soapnet or any other ways of watching same day episodes of our shows, theyd STILL BE ON. HELLO??????!!!!!!!! Amc and oltl got canned because people probably went on soapnet because they couldnt watch the episodes on abc for one reason or another, which in turn doesnt help their nielson ratings. So you guys are idiots. We should be glad soapnet went away and hope the only people can watch their shows from now on is when they tape them off abc and no other way. Your a very stipid woman for even saying this billshit. Dumb broad

Dear Fred,
It is sad that you appear unable to read the task we wrote for today.
It clearly uses examples of why fans who use DVRs are unable to always watch their show same day.
Have you never experienced a power outage or a local incident that has the news breaking into your scheduled programming?
If so, other fans have not been as fortunate.
Not to mention the many fans who watch live without DVR capabilities or use VCRs (yes, some fans still use these).

You criticize Soapnet for being the culprit of rating declines.
Are you not aware how ratings work? Whether you watched via your local
ABC affiliate, Soapnet, or online you were counted in the ratings if viewership
happened within 72 hours of original airing.

Lets give you an analogy- if you produced a movie would you want
it in one movie theater offered once a day or available in theaters across
the nation with many show times?
Thus your argument holds no weight.

What this does is creates opportunities for viewership to decrease.
This will especially hit viewers who solely watch online as they will now
need to wait a week which is out of the 72 hour window that impacts advertising rates.

And since I know that you are ready to discredit viewers who watch online lets address this.
This includes servicemen and women who are not in the states but wanting to keep up with their shows.

Finally, if you are going to reply with asinine comments and curse words you could at least spell your insults correctly.

I am not happy to be excluded from next-day online viewing. I do not subscribe to cable anymore. I DO have a DVR (okay Fred) but already this year I had not watched my ‘tape’ yet (due to my schedule – another valid reason Fred) and I forgot the new rules and tried to watch online and could not. I even have a Hulu+ subscription and I could not watch it there either. Granted, after one week I will be able to watch – but it defeated my purpose of being able to watch it online and then catch that day’s episode live.

I spoke with Lataja at ABC customer care. (boy is THAT an oxymoron!)

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