Last task of 2013 (unless something breaks)

Posted on: December 18, 2013

Good morning guys, here’s the final task of 2013 (unless something big happens).
Let’s thank ABC and PP for keeping soaps alive and giving us a great year of soap storytelling
(GH for ABC) (AMC & OLTL for PP) and tell them that we hope they will use the meaning of the season
to see past greed and dirty games and come together to find a peaceful solution that will
benefit not only both companies but also casts, crews, and fans who are needing them.

After today (Thursday) we will have some special treats
so please check out the wall daily starting tomorrow (Friday)!

Email to: ABC,,,,,,,,,,

Email To: PP,,


2 Responses to "Last task of 2013 (unless something breaks)"

Thank them? This ladys an asshole

I have let this go and let this go but enough is enough, this will be the only comment you ever get approved and only because I cannot reply without doing so.
please take your negative attitude elsewhere!! I am tired of your excessive name calling and nastiness. I will not explain to you the reasons behind our tasks as it would probably go over your head anyway! So I say to you good day and don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split you!! Peace!

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