Posted on: December 9, 2013

Ok, not too many people participated in Monday’s Hulu task.
This is confusing us a bit.
We know some fans have given up and moved on.
While we might not agree with that decision we get it.
What we don’t get is the fans who continue to go on social media to see
if there’s any AMC/OLTL news and to continually comment how much
they miss the shows and wish that they would come back but refuse to help.

The tasks we post do not take a long time to complete and yet are very helpful.
When the shows were first cancelled we had the uphill battle of nobody seeming to want our shows.
ABC didn’t want them, Oprah publicly said she wouldn’t help, and it was silent from all other angles.
Now however we are in a situation where ABC is chomping at the bit to get the shows back and
Prospect Park still wants to do something with the shows.
This enthusiasm for the shows will only continue if we make it known that fans still care.

Right now there will be a delay because nothing can/will happen until the conclusion of the lawsuit.
We need to make sure that there is such a hype going that at the conclusion the entity that walks
away with the rights wants to do something with the shows.

So we urge you to use a few minutes of your soap related day to do a quick task or two.
Before Prospect Park announced for the second time that a reboot of AMC and OLTL
was a go we had intel that Hulu was interested. We know now that this was dead on
and that Hulu stated that the response from soap fans far outweighed their
expectations and thus they entered an agreement with PP.
We know now that they were interested in helping PP to get a second season going
but were strongly advised not to by Disney.

We NEED to make Hulu realize that they should side with the fans and do what they can to help our shows!
Think about this- The Family Guy kills off a cartoon dog and within 24 hours their participation
has over 100,000 signatures and has now gotten word that the dog will be coming back.

We need a strong fan response if we want to prove that soaps do indeed matter and that the powers that be
should bring AMC and OLTL back. It can be done but it takes all of us working together!

So let’s try the hulu task again, I know some of you have done this task already
but I would like for you to just comment on some ones post
within the hulu thread I started. For those that have not hit it, send an email and
then comment on the thread I started. (email and link below)

Send an email to Bryan Thoesen …

Please make sure to
click on the one entitled All My Children & One Life To Live via PP on Hulu  and leave your comment there.

And now for the fun part
I will post part 2 of this on Thursday 🙂 Enjoy


4 Responses to "Mulligan"

How do you know abc wants them, or PP which does never say a ythingstill does?

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Don’t want to watch reruns…Want my shows to continue playing.

who said anything about reruns Lisa?

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All My Children & One Life to Live rise again!!

The day AMC & OLTL air on Hulu, Hulu+ and iTunesApril 29th, 2013
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