Another round

Posted on: November 18, 2013

There are so many players involved in the ABC/PP lawsuit.
Regardless of who is guilty the legal documents floating around in the media is not making those involved look good.
Professionally, it would be beneficial to have the lawsuit settled quickly.
We are going to focus on a different player each day with a specific task directed toward them.
The hope is that this will encourage some of them to put pressure on the decision makers to come up with an amicable solution.
Today we are going to focus on Michael Patterson at
Here is how he is involved:
Negotiations concluded with an email dated January 23, 2012 from Michael Patterson, expressly promising that ABC would not kill the Hope and Cole characters or any others without Prospect Park approval. He wrote, “…for all use of OLTL characters on GH, PP will have story consultation – and the stories on GH will not alter the “canon” of the OLTL characters (e.g. kill them etc…) without PP approval.”

Let’s email Michael and remind him of this promise which was eventually broken and how this information is all over the media. Regardless of how involved he was with this situation it cannot possibly be something that he wants attached to his professional image. Therefor we encourage him to urge the decision makers with this lawsuit to find a swift resolution.


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